A CoD Zombies streamer has broken the world record for the highest round ever, and it took 4.5 days to reach it.

Reaching the high rounds in Zombies is no easy task, but this one record takes them well over 10,000! It is quite a remarkable record, and we are unsure if it will be beaten soon.

This player got to such a high round the game completely reset itself! So, let’s dive into it and showcase this new world record and how it was achieved.

Highest Zombies Round World Record Broken

Call of Duty Zombies streamer UniiQuee has broken the world record for the highest round of all time, reaching round 11,843. It took him 105 hours, which is 4.5 days to achieve.

Additionally, in the comments under the post announcing the record, the new holder said this run was played over 12 days.

After reaching round 11,843, the game completely reset, bringing him back to the first level. Previously, content creator xCruppz held the record at 11,482 rounds.

This achievement was accomplished in Call of Duty: World at War, specifically on the Shi No Numa map. It was possible due to two distinct reasons.

Shi No Numa CoD Zombies map for World Record Highest Round

How Was This Possible?

For one, in World at War, the first three maps only spawn 24 zombies per round. This makes each go by relatively fast, as you won’t have to kill many to get into the next round.

Secondly, the game glitches whenever you reach round 209 and reduces the zombies’ health back to round 1. These are called “instakill rounds,” and they significantly speed up your runs.

This occurs because the zombies reach such a high level of health that the game does not recognize it and forces them back to their starting HP.

We are unsure if this will ever be broken with such a high round. If it can, it will take quite some time to reach it. After all, once you are in the 10,000s, luck will play a part as you hope the game doesn’t reset before you reach the record-breaking heights.

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