COD Warzone Mobile will take players back to Verdansk, the original Warzone map, so it’s understandable that players are anxiously awaiting its release date.

The current Warzone has experienced mixed responses from the community. Players believe that it is missing that spark that made Verdansk so popular. This is why COD is looking to return closer to its roots with Warzone Mobile.

Here is the COD Warzone Mobile release date and how many days you need to wait until you can once again land at Superstore in Verdansk.

COD Warzone Mobile Release Date (Expected)

COD Warzone Mobile is expected to be released by November 1, 2023, according to the store listing for the app on the Apple App Store. Activision themselves stated that they are aiming for a Fall 2023 release.

COD Warzone Mobile Release Date

Call of Duty itself has yet to officially announce an exact release date or time for Warzone Mobile. They may just use November 1, 2023, as a placeholder and actually release the mobile game closer to the MW3 release date on November 10.

We first learned about the Fall 2023 release when Activision CEO Bobby Kotick mentioned it in court regarding the Microsoft acquisition hearings. Since then, Activision has kept relatively quiet and focused more on their upcoming MW3 release.

Warzone Mobile will share progression with both Warzone and MW3, so we could even see a simultaneous release of them on November 10, 2023. Warzone is already out, but it will get a massive update on that date to bring in all the gameplay improvements of MW3.

Warzone Mobile Countdown – How Many Days Until Release?

Here is how many days are left until COD Warzone Mobile, according to its November 1, 2023 estimated release date:

However, it is possible that the actual release date is different than what is currently shown on the App Store. We will update this article with any new information as soon as it is revealed.

Currently, Warzone Mobile is already available in a few regions as part of testing that Activision is conducting. These regions include Australia, Chile, Sweden, and Norway.