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Warzone 2.0 Release Date, Time & Countdown

The Warzone 2 release date has leaked. Here’s when players can expect to drop into the revamped Warzone experience.

Warzone 2 will mark a new era for one of the most popular battle royales in the current market. It’ll be a direct sequel to Warzone and feature a brand new map, updated mechanics, and a completely blank slate for the weapons and Operators.

This is everything we know about the COD Warzone 2 release date.

Modern Warfare 2

When is Call of Duty Warzone 2 Coming Out?

Warzone 2 will launch globally on November 16 at:

  • 10 AM PT
  • 1 PM ET
  • 6 PM GMT

This release date leaked from documents containing information on the readiness of patches for many of Activision Blizzard’s upcoming titles.

As of now, Call of Duty has been pretty quiet on details regarding the release date of Warzone 2. But Infinity Ward had confirmed that they looked forward to releasing Warzone 2 in 2022.

So it would make sense to see it release a few weeks after the release of Modern Warfare 2.

Warzone 2 Countdown – How Long Until It Releases?

Warzone 2 will release in:

The leaked release dates suggest a simultaneous worldwide release, rather than the usual midnight event.

There have been a few leaks that have hinted at a complete overhaul of the current loadout system and the elimination of slide canceling. This could prove to be huge, especially when it comes to the competitive side of Warzone.

One thing is certain, Warzone 2 will not allow players to bring over their inventories from the original Warzone. In an official statement from Call of Duty, they mentioned that Warzone 2 will feature new content and progression strictly tied to Modern Warfare 2.

This means that players hoping to get a head start should look into obtaining early access to the MW 2 Open Beta to get a feel for what Warzone 2 will play like. Players can also obtain early access to the Modern Warfare 2 Campaign to get a feel for the world and map building.

This would allow players to experience the single-player portion of MW2 before the online components are officially released.

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