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Vanguard: Overpowered Shotguns to Get Nerfed, Devs Confirm

The buzzkill OP shotgun meta that has been taking the fun out of Das Haus in Vanguard will soon get the much-needed nerfs.

Ever since players figured out the lethal OP loadout for Combat Shotgun, Das Haus has never been the same. The tiny multiplayer map became the hub of mindless one-shots and over-the-top TDMs.

Several smart players took advantage of the overpowered shotguns and pushed their ranks. However, this chaotic CQC party will soon come to an end.


Loyal Call of Duty fans have noted that Vanguard had a comparatively smoother launch in Call of Duty history. But the OP shotguns became a nasty sore spot for many fans.

With the shotguns being fixed, you might want to max out your other guns faster with this XP guide.

Vanguard Nerf Coming to Shotguns

Several Vanguard players had long been irked by the shotguns. And the terrible spawn situation in Vanguard was not helping either.

Many of the COD Vanguard fans blamed the entire shotgun drama on the tiny design of the map. Others simply enjoyed the chaotic combat and used Das Haus for some action.

Vanguard has four shotguns and all of them are more or less overpowered. However, the Combat Shotgun is the most infamous one right now. With the right attachments, this gun turns Das Haus frantic.

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vanguard op shotguns
Combat Shotgun in Vanguard

Now, the developers have finally taken note of the extra-powerful shotguns in Vanguard. Sledgehammer Games tweeted about the upcoming nerfs.

The tweet says – “We’re here to perform a shotgun exorcism” followed by a quirky GIF. You can check out the official tweet below.

The upcoming patch notes might fix the Vanguard OP shotguns for good. Das Haus might actually feel a lot quieter after this.

The nerfs will definitely make shotguns a little less reliable. So here are some more amazing loadouts to check out!

Meanwhile Vanguard’s Captain America and Indiana Jones Operators are leaking early!

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