If you’ve got some COD Points burning a hole in your pocket, here’s everything you need to know about whether or not they’ll carry over to Black Ops 6!

Call of Duty Points, otherwise known as COD Points, are the in-game currency that allow players to spend money in the Modern Warfare 3 or Warzone Stores.

These points are primarily used to purchase Store Bundles, unlocking premium cosmetics or Weapon Blueprints instantly. However, players can also use their COD Points to progress through the current season’s Battle Pass quickly.

But with the release of Black Ops 6 fast approaching, some fans are worried that their virtual riches may be lost. The good news: your stockpile is safe for now.

Will COD Points Carry Over to Black Ops 6?

Yes, any COD Points purchased in Modern Warfare 2, 3, or even Call of Duty Warzone will carry over to Black Ops 6 on launch day – but only if you’re playing on the same platform family as before.

COD Points are tied to the platform account they were purchased on – not your Activision account.

COD Points

That is to say that any COD Points purchased on Xbox will only carry over if you’re playing Black Ops 6 on Xbox too. The same can be said for PlayStation systems.

It’s even fine if you’re moving from last-gen to current-gen systems, like from the PS4 to PS5. As long as you’re sticking in the same console family, your COD Points will appear as normal.

Bear in mind that any content purchased with real-world money (not COD Points) will only be usable on the platform account on which it was purchased.

What About on PC?

Where this gets tricky is that PC players have several different platforms to work with.

PC users need to stick with the same storefront if they want their COD Points to carry over. The points will not appear when changing from Steam to Battle.net or Game Pass stores.

If you were playing MW3 on Steam but then decide to move to Xbox Game Pass PC to get Black Ops 6 for free, your COD Points won’t make the jump with you.

Black Ops 6 Campaign Card Game

That said, Black Ops 6 will feature full cross-progression across any platform.

So, to get around this issue, you could spend your COD Points on the platform you purchased them on, and you’ll still get any unlocked items on your new platform of choice!

You wouldn’t have to purchase Black Ops 6 twice for this to work, either. Since Warzone is free via the COD HQ app, you could download it on any platform to get access to the latest Store updates, allowing you to purchase Black Ops 6 content with your leftover currency.

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