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COD Mobile: Where to Play and Win the Easter Mini-Game Race

If you’re looking to nab the exclusive COD Mobile Easter skin before it expires, here’s how to win the Easter mini-game race.

Call of Duty Mobile has a limited-time event currently active, allowing fans to get an exclusive Battery – Fresh skin.

To finish the ongoing event titled ‘I Am The Egg Man’, players will need to hop into some Battle Royale matches. But when it comes to the Easter mini-game race, things aren’t quite as simple as they seem.

Don’t miss out on the top loadouts you should be using this season below:

COD Mobile

How to Win the Easter Mini-Game Race – COD:M ‘I Am The Egg Man’ Guide

  • To find the Easter mini-game race in COD Mobile, you’ll need to play Battle Royale on the Isolated map.
  • Drop into Circus, and head inside the Big Top tent.
  • In the center of the tent, shoot and break all the bouncing eggs.
  • Then, take a look on the nearby stage where you’ll see a tortoise and a hare, like from the iconic children’s fable.
  • You need to make the two animals race, with the results turning out just like they did in the story.
  • First, shoot the hare (the white rabbit), to move it into the lead.
  • Then, shoot the tortoise until it completely reaches the end of the race.
  • Once this is complete, a lot of loot will spawn on the groun, and your challenge will be complete!
Easter Mini-Game Race - CODM 'I Am The Egg Man' Guide

You only have a few more days until the COD Mobile event expires on April 27 to collect your rewards so be quick.

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