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COD Mobile Teaser Reveals Powerful New Sniper Coming in Season 4

Even though season 3 just started, the next one is fast approaching. With the new changes making seasons come faster, we’re getting a lot of teasers and reveals for what is to come.

We’ve had many leaks and reveals in the past few days, ranging from characters to skins and maps. We’re starting to paint a perfect picture of what next season will look like.

With the introduction of bigger, more open maps like Sattelite that host vehicles and many vantage points, Activision’s perfect time to reveal their next addition to the game – the powerful Koshka sniper.

Make sure you’re ready for next season. We’ve covered all the leaks and reveals. Here’s all the operators and skins coming next season. If you care more about gameplay changes than cosmetics, two old favorite maps are coming to the game.

What Is the New Sniper Coming to Cod Mobile

While the Koshka sniper did not come out in Call of Duty’s glory days, it is still beloved by franchise fans. One of the only bright spots in a lackluster Black Ops 4, the Koshka generated a lot of hype within the COD Mobile community when it was teased.

A great one-shot sniper that rewarded skill and allowed for amazing plays, sniper players have been asking for it for a long time.

COD Mobile Koshka Sniper Revealed

What was especially great about it was that it had unique attachments. It was the only one-shot sniper that could hold a laser sight in the game. This allowed for excellent no-scope moments, especially in competitive, which created a lot of hype.

It was the first time in a long time that no-scoping was viable in a COD game. The gun was also excellent for quick-scoping, making it a sniper player’s dream.

The Koshka sniper will make an excellent addition to the new maps coming to COD Mobile. And, with even more guns on the horizon, things are looking good if you’re a fan of the modern COD games.

If you’re a veteran craving some Black Ops 2 nostalgia, you can still grab Menendez for a limited time.

With all this talk of season 4, it’s easy to forget that season 3 is in full swing. Here are the best guns and load-outs you can use to dominate the battlefield.

And finally, the biggest event of the year in COD Mobile is now underway. Here’s everything you need to know about the 2022 World Championship.

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