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CoD Mobile SO-Ken Draw Rewards – Legendary Rytec, Kui Ji & More

A new draw event is coming to CoD Mobile. This time, the theme is the cyberpunk dragon samurai SO-Ken. Here’s everything you need to know about the CoD Mobile SO-Ken draw.

One of the most anticipated draws of season 3, the SO-Ken draw, is finally upon us. With a cyberpunk dragon-samurai theme and a beautiful color combination, the SO-Ken has many people saving up their COD Points.

You’re in luck if you’re a sniper fan and you’ve been waiting for a good sniper skin to pull for. The SO-Ken draw comes with a new legendary Rytec skin.

Speaking of snipers, we’ve covered all of them, including the Rytec in our top 5 snipers with loadouts to use in season 3 of CoD Mobile. Also, here’s the new sniper that is coming in season 4! You’ll love it if you’re a fan of the modern CoD games.

What Are the Rewards of the So-Ken Draw in CoD Mobile

As with most draws, the rewards are pretty good. But it all depends on if you like the weapons or not. Here are all the items you can get from the So-Ken draw:

  • Rytec Nitro-Ryu (Legendary Weapon Skin)
  • Kui Ji (Operator Skin)
  • Dojo Of Masters (Calling Card)
  • Bushido (Emote)
  • Jak-12 Thousand Fold (Weapon Skin)
  • Dragon Tongue Charm
  • Smoke Grenade Thousand Fold (Non-Lethal Skin)
  • Katana Thousand Fold (Katana Skin)
  • Motrcycle Thousand Fold (Motorcycle Skin)
  • Wingsuite Thousand Fold

Just like every draw, it works on a “gotcha” system. You have to pay 20 CoD points(premium currency to draw). You have a certain percentage to draw any item that varies on the item’s rarity. The more items you pull, the more you increase your chances of drawing the legendary items because once you’ve drawn an item, you can not draw it again, eliminating it from the draw.

We’re getting closer and closer to the new season of CoD Mobile, and all the teases and leaks got us hyped for what is to come. Here’s everything we know about the desert update of season 4.

When will the So-Ken Draw be available in CoD Mobile

The SO-Ken draw will be available starting tomorrow, the 22nd of April, 2022. Just like the other draws, it will be available for a set period, which may vary based on its popularity.

Finally, if you’re more of an esports fan, the CoD mobile World Championship of 2022 is in full swing, with some of the biggest matches about to start.

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