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CoD Mobile Season 6 Update – What’s Coming?

CoD Mobile’s Season 6 update has been slowly teased. Let’s look at everything we know from the trailers and test servers so far.

The biggest talking news is the new zombies mode that was teased and then confirmed by developers. Under “New” on the game’s title screen, we can watch a teaser “You can’t run, you can’t hide”. The video itself is an announcement for Undead Siege, which should be coming in the next update.

Currently we know a few things about the new game mode coming. Firstly, it’ll be played on the current Battle Royale map. Aether Crystals have already appeared in several spots on the map.

CoD Mobile Undead Siege Teaser Screen

More details have given us information about the game mode itself. We’re expecting to be scavenging for supplies in the day and fighting zombies at night. It seems this will be strictly a cooperative game mode as of now.

Developers released a statement saying that a game mode’s runtime is dependent on how much the community plays it. If it’s played a lot, the developers will let it stay longer.

New CoD Mobile Battle Pass Theme in Next Update

We just received a new Battle Pass announcement, revealing “The Heat” as the next theme. This is a complete change from this season’s “In Deep Water” theme. The short video also seems to take place on Slums, which potentially confirms the map’s return.

CoD Mobile Season 6 Teaser Screen

On the topic of new maps, we’re still waiting on news about the Die Maschine map teaser. Besides that, we have had rumors about Stacks and Monastery coming soon. A short clip of in the release of the Nihonga Crate uses Monastery as a scene which may mean it’s coming next season.

Season 6 New Weapons and Skins

There’s always new weapons each season and our next one will be no different. We’re currently expecting the MX9 SMG and the Rytec AMR sniper rifle. As for skins, we can expect a major addition to the game.

Dark Aether skins will be available for all primary weapons (secondary is not yet confirmed). The requirements are currently unknown but they’ll be seasonal, as of now. Anyone looking to grab the skins will have all of Season 6 to do so.

Aether Crystal Camo for Locus

New playermodel changes will be added to the game. Rather than collecting backpacks to customize your character with, you’ll have helmets and body suits to pick from after collecting them, as well.

Season 6 Rumored Perks, Classes, and Scorestreaks

One of the biggest leaks was the Swarm scorestreak. Specific to Black Ops 2, it was a huge find in the test servers recently.

Battle Royale is expecting a new class added called Rewind. It’ll give players the ability to go back several seconds to escape combat or to throw a loop in the gunfights they’re in.

Swarm Scorestreak Coming in Season 6

Martyrdom is also coming in the next season. Many of the hardpoint Shipment players are in for quite a treat, in that case.

If you’re looking for more details, check out this official CoD Mobile Season 6 leaks post.

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