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CoD Mobile Season 6 Update Brings Big Changes

CoD Mobile just released Season 6: The Heat. Here’s everything that came in the update!

The CoD Mobile Season 6 update was rumored to release on August 1st. It’s out two days early and there’s lots released! Time to look at everything that just dropped!

CoD Mobile Season 6 Update

Season 6 Multiplayer Ranked Rewards

Ranked typically awards players for reaching MMR milestones with various skins, banners, XP cards, and credits. Season 3 of ranked will be similar with some very nice looking rewards for higher ranked players.

Lower ranked players, up until Pro I will receive the Street Art skin on various weapons and lethals. Pro V will receive a charm, Master III will get the Street Venom skin on the CR-56 AMAX, and Legendary rank will get the MP Legend banner.

CR-56 AMAX Street Venom

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In between these ranks players will get Amethyst crates. Each crate can drop a Watcher skin on a gun, lethal, or tactical at a 9% rate. The Powder Bomb skin is a 5% drop chance on the M16, RPD, and MW11. On the SMRS it’s 7% along with a Heart in Neon sticker.

Lucky players can get a 1% Orchid Frame, Hand Cannon banner, or Amethyst charm. Even rarer than that is the animated Ferrofluid skin. It has a .8% drop rate for the Sticky Grenade and Katana, as well as a .3% drop rate for the ICR-1 and HBRa3.

Season 6 Battle Royale Ranked Rewards

New Ferrofluid Skin on the Katana

The Street Art skins and a BR Series 3 sticker are available as rewards from Rookie II to Pro I. Pro V will receive a Street Art backpack, Master III will get Lerch – Penalty Kick playermodel, and Legendary players will get the BR Legend calling card. All other ranks will receive an Amethyst crate.

Season 6 New Skins

The Aether Crystal skins came in the new update. For now they’re visible under the Completionist skins list. The description for Primaries and Secondaries (excluding melee weapons) states we must “survive every battle” to unlock the skins.

HS2126 Shotgun with New Aether Crystal Camo

Players will apparently need to kill 50 zombies in hard mode for one point towards their Aether Crystal skin. 60 points total will be needed to unlock the skin. This is subject to change.

Melee weapons will require all Aether Crystal camos to be unlocked on different Primary categories. This seems to only appear for some players who have grinded the melees already.

Season 6 New Weapons

The CoD Mobile Season 6 update has brought 4 new weapons.

Rytec AMR

The Rytec AMR is visible in the Sniper category. It isn’t possible to unlock yet, though it can be found and used in Battle Royale. It’s stats are:

  • Damage: 80
  • Accuracy: 62
  • Range: 90
  • Fire Rate: 31
  • Mobility: 24
  • Control: 32


The MX9 is visible in the SMG category. It’s currently grindable by reaching Battle Pass Tier 21. It’s stats are:

Unlockable MX9 SMG in CoD Mobile
  • Damage: 30
  • Accuracy: 45
  • Range: 41
  • Fire rate: 86
  • Mobility: 95
  • Control: 40

Wrench and Machete

The wrench and Machete are visible in the Melee category. They aren’t available for unlocking, yet. The Wrench’s stats are:

  • Damage: 200
  • Accuracy: 70
  • Range: 10
  • Fire Rate: 10
  • Mobility: 90
  • Control: 70

The Machete’s stats are:

  • Damage: 200
  • Accuracy: 70
  • Range: 10
  • Fire Rate: 8
  • Mobility: 90
  • Control: 70

The Sickle has also become grindable and only requires 50 kills to unlock, now

Season 6 New Scorestreak

The Swarm is unlocked by reaching Battle Pass Tier 14. It costs 1100 points to unlock, making the 5th highest score streak in the game.

Season 6 New Tacticals

The Storm Ball was added to the Tacticals. It isn’t possible to unlock yet. It’s description mentions blocking enemy sight.

Season 6 New Operator

Kinetic Armor is in the Operator Skill section. No unlocking method is available. The description says it will deflect enemy bullets to an unknown amount, for now. It does not prevent headshot damage, melee damage, incendiary damage, or explosive damage.

Season 6 New Game Modes and Maps

Slums 24/7 has been added as a game mode. Players can now enjoy the old Black Ops 2 map as much as they want in TDM, Domination, FFA, Hardpoint, Kill Confirmed, and Cranked. The game mode will last one week.

Best of Black Ops is back, featuring many Black Ops maps in TDM, Domination, FFA, and Hardpoint. Slums did not make the list. This will also last one week.

Monastery and Stacks have not been released, yet. There is no indication of them besides leaks and rumors so far.

Zombies is set to release on August 1st.

First Season 6 Events

3 events are live at the moment. One of them is the usual viewing of the Comics during the season.

Alcatraz Anarchy offers players willing to play it a Boat – Guarana, Motorcycle – Mosaic, Parachute – Mosaic, and Battery – Mosaic playermodel skin.

The Slums Scuffle Event requires players to play and achieve things in Slums 24/7. Players can get an SMRS – Guarana, Striker Sticker, and AGR 556 – Mosaic from completing them.

Season 6 Seasonal Challenges

Survival of the Fittest is live for Battle Royale players who want some rewards. The final reward for it is the BK57 – Mosaic.

Martyrdom is out now, leading to the Martyrdom Perk unlock if you complete almost all of the challenges.

New Martyrdom Perk in CoD Mobile

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Season 6 Overview

The CoD Mobile Season 6 update is filled with lots of new skins. This time they’re much more colorful than past expansions. Also, there is an ancient Egyptian feel to many skins for weapons and player models. Expect more coverage on the unlockables as they become available!

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(Source: Activision)

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