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CoD Mobile Season 6 Leaks – New Guns, Scorestreaks, Perks, and More

With CoD Mobile Season 5 being halfway done, players are speculating what will be changed in Season 6. Now, new CoD Mobile Season 6 leaks are appearing online.

Many CoD Mobile Season 6 leaks are coming up with the help of test servers and data miners. Here’s what should be coming out around July 31st.

Players will most likely be able to download the new update files a few days early, prior to release, to prevent long wait times to begin playing the new update. The update should be about 1.5 GB large, so the sooner it’s available for download, the better for many players.

But first, you’ve got a brand-new weapon to unlock in CoD Mobile Season 5!

CoD Mobile Season 6 Leaks

New Weapons

As of right now we have 3 new weapons that have apparently been tested or revealed in game files. These weapons include:

  • MX9 SMG from Black Ops 4
  • Rytec AMR Sniper from Modern Warfare
  • Wrench from several Call of Duty titles

Though the wrench is in the game’s files, it isn’t clear if it’ll be a usable melee weapon. It appears to have connections to the leaked Zombie mode which becomes more obvious, with findings of the Die Maschine zombie map and leaks of a “Seven Days” title for the mode.

MX9 SMG from Black Ops 4

On a side note, Treyarch has also been hard at work with their Mauer Der Toten Zombie map update. We have new information and lots of guides – such as the cassette tape locations and free Wonder Weapon guides to help you out!.

Swarm Scorestreak

Many players are excited for a Black Ops 2 exclusive killstreak coming to the game. And it seems that the Swarm will be flying back into Call of Duty.

It will be a 1100 points scorestreak and involves a large number of Hunter Killer Drones that will track and crash down on enemies.

Anyone who enjoyed Black Ops 2 may also enjoy the news about upcoming Call of Duty games including Modern Warfare 2 and a standalone Zombies title. One is even rumored to be reminiscent of Black Ops 2.

Swarm Scorestreak (codmINTEL on Twitter)

New Operator Skill

It seems that we also have a new Operator Skill coming to CoD Mobile in Season 6. Dynamic Armor will be added, giving players 150 armor.

The armor will stack on top of the player’s health. It lasts 7.8 seconds and charges for 120 seconds. Every kill reduces the cooldown by 12 seconds.

New Tactical Equipment

The Mobile Shield Grenade is supposedly also coming to the game. It will provide a bubble on the ground that may prevent or reduce the impact of lethals, tacticals, or bullets coming through it.

Martyrdom Perk

The Martyrdom perk has been leaked to return to Call of Duty. CoD Mobile will now be seeing players dropping grenades when they die. For the many players who play Hardpoint on Shipment all day, get ready to have a blast…

Martyrdom Perk (codmINTEL on Twitter)

Cod Mobile Battle Royale Leaks

Battle Royale will see a new class added to it called Rewind. Players will be able to take themselves back to a previous location they were in with this ability, allowing them to get away from the Trapmaster’s electric traps, get out of the blast radius of lethals, and they’ll be making themselves tougher targets for snipers.

Molotovs are said to be coming to Battle Royale as well. It’ll be interesting to see if they become favorites over any of the other lethals offered to players.

A new Coupe vehicle is apparently coming to Battle Royale. From the information available, it seems to be a weaker but faster alternative to travel for anyone just looking to get out of the storm as quickly as possible.

Rewind Battle Royale Class

Nuke Killcam

Finally, the nuclear bomb will now have a special killcam if it is the last kill of the game. Currently, the killcam shows a dust cloud. But in the update, we can expect to see it crashing down like a Predator Missile into the map.

We’d like to see this feature coming to Black Ops Cold War’s new Nuke Scorestreak too!

Also, battle royale players should be aware of the new Warzone perks coming soon! And it looks like the Warzone developer is expanding into a “Super Studio” too.

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