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COD Mobile Season 5 New Guns Revealed – Oden, KSP45, Lcar9

It’s that time of the season again! New guns are being introduced in the test realm for COD Mobile. The Oden, KSP45, and Lcar9 are coming in Season 5.

Activision seems to be continuing the trend of introducing guns and features from the newer CoD games. With three new weapons, we’re gearing up for a season that will thoroughly shake up the meta.

Although season 4 of COD Mobile has already changed many things, it looks like season 5 will be even more exciting. With Warzone Mobile on the horizon and the COD Mobile World Championship nearing its LAN stages, Activision wants to bring even more spice into the game.

Although new changes are exciting, we’re still in season 4. If you’re a competitive player or want to rack up the wins and dominate, check out our Best 5 Loadouts for COD Mobile Season 4.

Without further ado, here are the COD Mobile Season 5 Oden, KSP45, and Lcar9.

Oden Assault Rifle in COD Mobile Season 5

Season 5 New Gun Oden Assault Rifle

The Oden is a solid assault rifle that was first introduced in Modern Warfare 2019 and was a staple meta pick throughout the game’s lifetime. Its weak points are slow ADS speed and slow fire rate, making it a sub-optimal choice at low range, but it is a great gun that wins at mid to high range gunfights.

It has many attachments that can fix its low-ranging issues but don’t expect it to take over any SMGs. When equipped with the Colossus Suppressor, Oden significantly benefits from a pretty colossal damage and range buff, making it two-shot enemies at a 50-meter range and hiding the player from the map.

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KSP45 SMG in COD Mobile Season 5

Season 5 New Gun KSP45 SMG

The KSP45 is an SMG first introduced in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. The unique thing about it is that it is a three-round burst SMG. It has excellent damage and was one of the best guns in the game in Cold War. It has all of the general attachments available. But the ones that benefit it the most are the ammo enhancers – especially the Vandal Speed Loader.

Interestingly enough, the KSP45 was the best gun in Zombies mode for Cold War. With three guns instead of one being added in S5 and siege potentially on its way out, could this mean we’re getting Zombies back?

Another powerful SMG in COD Mobile is the PDW. Everpresent and dominant ever since Black Ops 2 – here is the best PDW loadout for season 4.

Lcar9 Pistol in COD Mobile Season 5

Season 5 New Pistol Lcar9 Fully Automated

The Lcar9 is a fully automated pistol, first introduced in Black Ops 3. It never had a considerable meta presence. Pistols are not that important due to search and destroy not being the primary mode in the game. The Lcar9 does not have the most significant damage output, but it is automated.

However, the Lcar9 had a massive presence in the Zombies mode. You could get it free from a specific drop point on most maps. This made it ideal in the early game. This is another significant announcement for the Zombies lover. With so many things pointing to a Zombies revival, season 5 could be the “set-up” patch.

With season 5 already looking like a banger, don’t forget to pick up your favorites from season 4. Check out the Crown of Kings draw and see if you can pull the Phantom Osiris or the Sand Scrapers Kali Sticks.

And finally, make sure you pick up all the epic new operator skins. Here’s how to unlock Ghost Apparition, Roach & More.

More info on the COD Mobile Season 5 Oden, KSP45, Lcar9 can be found on the CODM wiki.

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