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COD Mobile Season 4 Teaser Appears to Reveal Satellite and Khandor Maps

With more and more details being revealed about the next season of Call Of Duty Mobile, things are getting spicy. The COD Mobile Satellite and Khandor Teaser show that Activision is ready to move things in a more modern direction.

Satellite is one of the few maps players loved out of Black Ops – Cold War. As COD Mobile is looking to push into a more “modern Call of Duty” direction, bringing in some maps from the newer era is just the beginning.

While it’s still unclear what direction the game is taking, a pretty good picture can be pained from the clues we have. As many modern weapons, skins and maps are introduced, players can look forward to an experience that encompasses both old and new COD games into one package.

This teaser was expected after the vast character leak dropped yesterday. Our writers predicted the desert-themed events and skins. Be sure to check out our extensive coverage of the leaked characters.

Also, make sure to style on your enemies. Here’s how to unlock and use emotes in COD Mobile.

Cod Mobile Satellite Teaser Official

Satellite Is Coming Back to Call of Duty

Even though the map was released in the BO – Cold War era, in 2020, it quickly became one of the fan favorites. Also released as part of the open beta of Cold War, it’s an open map that reminds us of old Black Ops 2 maps.

The map is the perfect size for the fast kill time of COD games, making it an ideal candidate for mobile. It also makes a ton of guns viable. Even though the map is relatively small, it was a favorite among snipers.

COD Mobile Satellite Map Layout

While the map’s layout makes it seem pretty open, it’s perfect for any player. With many places to cover and surprisingly few camping spots, Satellite will undoubtedly climb to the top in mobile.

It was also a favorite for competitive teams in Cold War. It will undoubtedly make a splash in the COD Mobile esports scene.

The teaser image also confirms that Satellite will be the first COD Mobile map to have vehicles in multiplayer mode.

Speaking of esports, the biggest event of the year in COD Mobile is here. You need to know everything about the 2022 COD Mobile World Championship.

Khandor and a Possible Desert Event

Looking at the latest teases and leaks, the next season will be based on a desert theme. Since Rust is already in the game, we will probably also have a new desert-themed battle royale map.

Warzone Mobile is also on the horizon, and more and more “Modern Warfare Timeline” pieces are integrating into COD Mobile. It seems like the game is aiming for new heights and pushing the boundaries of mobile gaming.

COD Mobile Khandor Hideout Teaser

The Khandor map was also lightly teased but seemed to present some balance changes to fit better into COD Mobile. It is unclear if the Khandor map will be a limited-time map or for a special mode.

While the fans think it is highly likely that Khandor is the second map teased, the teaser is not as concrete as the Satellite one.

Even though we’re looking at future changes, season 3 just started. Here’s how to dominate the competition this season with the best load-outs and guns you can use.

And finally, here’s how to unlock an iconic character from the franchise, Menendez.

The COD Mobile Satellite and Khandor Teaser can be found here.

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