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COD Mobile Season 4: How to Unlock Koshka Sniper

One of the most awaited parts of each new season is the introduction of new weapons. In season 4, the new weapon introduced is the Koshka sniper. Here’s how you can unlock it.

As predicted by us, Activision was teasing the Koshka during the middle of season 3. The fan-favorite sniper first introduced in Black Ops 4 is ready to land during the Wild Dogs update.

The Koshka is a steady sniper that can be configured to fit a fast-paced, quick-scope montage sniping style. But, with the right build, it can also play a more tactical, hard scoping role, like a traditional sniper. It will undoubtedly shake up the sniper meta; tell us where you think it will fit on our sniper tier list.

Season 4 also comes with a lot of buffs and nerfs. Check out our detailed patch rundown to stay on top of the meta and see what changed.

How To Unlock The Koshka COD M Season 4

How to Unlock the Koshka in COD Mobile Season 4

As with all the weapons introduced in previous seasons, the Koshka is part of the battle pass. The powerful new sniper can be acquired by leveling your battle pass to tier 21.

Additionally, the Koshka is part of the free battle pass, which makes it accessible to all players regarding whether they decide to purchase the premium pass.

Other items that are included in the free battle pass are:

  • Green Rust Cammos
  • Sand Tracks Cammos
  • New Lethal – Contact Grenade

The Koshka will undoubtedly leave a mark on the meta. With its versatility and power, it is one of the best additions to the game. Finally, we have a contender for the trone of the DLQ 33.

If you didn’t have the chance yet, check out the SO-Ken draw event while it’s still here.

Season 4 also brought with it two new maps. Make sure you check out Satellite and Khandor Hideout.

Check out the full announcement of season 4 here.

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