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COD Mobile Season 4: How to Unlock Kali Sticks

Season 4 dropped with many new tools to dominate our enemies. One such tool is the infamous Kali Sticks. The bane of Warzone at one point, the Kali Sticks are coming to COD Mobile in season 4. Here’s how to unlock them.

The Kali Sticks, first introduced in COD Modern Warfare 2019, have left quite an impression on the player base, especially on Warzone players.

They were so overpowered when they were first introduced that entire loadouts were created to play around them. There was never a time when a melee weapon was so overpowered in the history of Call of Duty.

The Kali Sticks were unstoppable with incredible attack speed, forgiving hitboxes, two-shot damage, and the added movement speed due to the lack of a primary weapon. It remains to be seen if they will have a similar level of power in COD Mobile. For now, they look pretty strong.

The Kali Sticks will fit in many loadouts, especially for sniper players. Here are the top 5 sniper loadouts in the game at the moment. Where do you think they work best?

COD Mobile Season 4 Kali Sticks Legendary Skin

How to Unlock the Kali Sticks in COD Mobile Season 4

Unlike other new additions to the game, the Kali Sticks are not unlocked through the battle pass.

The sticks will only be obtainable by completing the new Seasonal Challenges. At least for now.

The seasonal challenges are similar to daily missions but with a more significant objective to complete and much better rewards. Some examples of seasonal challenges include flanking melee eliminations and Ranked objectives that will test even the most competitive players.

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The sticks will also receive a legendary skin on the first draw event of the season, making them the first melee weapon in COD Mobile to get a legendary skin.

The seasonal challenges start on the 28th of April.

Other items that can be obtained through seasonal challenges:

  • Mil-Sim – Special Warfare – Crash Down
  • Epic RUS-79U – Vapor Painter SMG
  • Weapon Blueprints
  • Operator Skins
  • Up to 30.000 Battle Pass XP

The Kali Sticks are just a fraction of what is added to the game in season 4. The Koshka sniper is another powerful addition to COD Mobile.

The contact grenades are also making their debut this season.

And finally, check out our detailed patch rundown to stay on top of the meta and dominate the battlefield.

Here is the full announcement for season 4 of COD Mobile.

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