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COD Mobile Season 4: How to Unlock Epic Skins and Characters – Ghost Apparition, Roach & More

COD Mobile has many skins and characters planned for season 4, which has excited the players. With fan favorites returning and classic operators getting new looks, the roster for season 4 of COD Mobile is looking great.

Even though most, if not all, of the characters and skins for season 4 were already leaked earlier in the month, players are still excited about them.

Roach, the original Modern Warfare trilogy protagonist, is returning to action. Along with him, everyone’s favorite sniper, Ghost, is getting new skin!

With the desert theme around this season, many upcoming skins fit the theme perfectly. We’ve covered it in great detail if you want to see the entire list of upcoming skins.

COD Mobile Season 4 New Characters How To Unlock

How to Unlock Roach and Ghost Apparition Skin

It’s no secret that multiplayer games use the battle pass system for progression. COD Mobile is no exception. However, the season 4 battle pass might be the best one yet.

This season, you can unlock up to four skins through the battle pass, including Roach and the Ghost apparition skin.

Here are all the skins you can earn from the premium battle pass:

  • Farah – Desert Sentinel
  • Ghost – Apparition;
  • Roze – Sand Dune;
  • Roach

Check out the full extent of the battle pass of season 4 here.

CODM Season 4 Characters

Unlike the other new additions to the battle pass, the skins and operators are only available in the premium version.

How to Unlock Other COD Mobile Season 4 Skins and Characters

Additional skins and operators will be available to the players via the new Seasonal Challenges. These challenges are more complex to complete than daily missions but also offer much better rewards. Besides the skins and operators, the infamous Kali Sticks are also a reward.

It is not mentioned yet what other characters will be added as rewards to the challenges down the line.

Season 4 does not bring only skins, though. Two new significant additions to the player’s arsenal are coming as well:

Combine the two with the Kali Sticks, and you’ve got the perfect loadout for your new Ghost Apparition skin.

If you’re looking for all the changes that happened with the update, check out our detailed patch notes, where we break down everything.

And finally, if you’re looking to up your game, check out our best sniper loadouts and our best assault rifle loadouts, and you’ll see results in no time.

Here is the full announcement of the COD Mobile Season 4 Skins and Characters.

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