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COD Mobile Season 4: How to Unlock the Contact Grenade

As season 4 is finally here, so are some long-awaited new additions to the game. One such addition is vehicles on multiplayer maps. But wouldn’t vehicles be too overpowered in such a chaotic game like COD Mobile? That’s where the contact grenade comes in.

This season we are getting two new maps, Satellite and Khandor Hideout, both from the more recent age of COD Games. Satellite is confirmed to be the only map to have vehicles. This is Activision testing the waters to see how well vehicles perform on mobile.

They are also introducing a way to deal with them as a “pre-nerf.” The contact grenade is the perfect way to deal with vehicles in the chaotic battles of COD Mobile.

Another powerful new gun is joining the game in season 4, along with the Contact Grenades. Here’s how to unlock the Koshka Sniper.

COD Mobile Season 4 How To Unlock Contact Grenade

How to Unlock the Contact Grenade in COD Mobile Season 4

The contact grenades unlock for the players when they reach tier 14 of the battle pass. The contact grenades are part of the free battle pass, so all players have access to them.

Other items that are included in the free battle pass are:

  • Green Rust Cammos
  • Sand Tracks Cammos
  • Koshka Sniper

Check out the full extent of the battle pass here.

The contact grenades are an essential addition, and the devs deserve a little pat on the back for this one. We’ve seen countless times what can happen when new features are so overpowered that they make the game unplayable. Adding a tool that players can use against a potentially new powerful threat is key to keeping the game balanced.

We have a lot of new features coming our way in season 4.

Even though a few of the upcoming characters for this season have been revealed, Activision is still hiding some exciting additions from us. Luckily, all characters planned for season 4 leaked earlier in the month.

And finally, make sure you stay on top of the meta by checking our detailed patch rundown for season 4.

Check out the full announcement here.

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