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CoD Mobile Season 3 – Top 5 Assault Rifles With Loadouts

Assault rifles are the meat and potatoes of every FPS game. The guns that most players use are the most competitively viable weapons and the most important guns to master. An essential part of every player’s arsenal, here are the top 5 assault rifles in CoD Mobile season 3.

Everpresent in every FPS game in one shape or form, the quality of assault rifles makes or breaks an FPS, especially multiplayer ones. Luckily, CoD has always had some of the best assault rifles – in both look and feel.

You can play any weapon in the game for fun and achieve moderate success. However, a select few guns stand above the rest as the best. Like any other competitive multiplayer game, CoD also has a meta, and the best guns define it.

We have curated this list of the best assault rifles you can use in all levels of play, taking into account skill ceiling, difficulty, and current power level in the meta.

Another thing that makes or breaks a multiplayer shooter is the progression. Luckily, CoD mobile has always had pretty good battle passes. The battle pass for next season has leaked, and it looks like it will be a banger. Also, speaking of next season looks like a powerful new sniper is coming back to CoD.

Best Assault Rifle Loadouts for CoD Mobile – Season 3

The builds were thought to fit the general player base in a competitive setting. Also, if a weapon part is not mentioned, no attachment is necessary. Please keep in mind this list is based on ranked and competitive viability.

5. Peacekeeper

COD Mobile Top 5 Assault Rifles #5 Peacekeeper Loadout

Muzzle – Agency Suppressor

Barrel – Taskforce Barrel

Stock – Agile Stock

Ammunition – Double Stack Mag

Rear Grip – Firm Grip Tape

The Peacekeeper recently got two huge buffs in terms of recoil and damage. It’s now much easier to use and control and does good damage from medium range. One of the most “SMG-like” assault rifles, the Peacekeeper is a massive threat in the hands of the right player. What holds it back is that you have to play a lurker style that is difficult to master. It would be best if you constantly moved on the map and never stayed in one place because you get destroyed in 1v1s against long-range weapons.

If you’re more of a sniper player, we’ve got a detailed list just like this one to decide the top 5 Sniper Loadouts in CoD Mobile Season 3.

4. M13

COD Mobile Top 5 Assault Rifles #4 M13 Loadout

Barrel – RTC Mini Barrel

Stock – No Stock

Laser – OWC Laser – Tactical

Ammunition – .300 RTC Double Stock 40 Round

Perk – Disable

Although it has quite an easy spray pattern to control, the M13 is held back by its slow bulled speed, making it lose most high range 1v1s. However, in the hands of a skilled player with good trigger discipline, this gun is a monster. The amount of damage it can do makes it viable on its own. Couple that with a good fire rate and good accuracy, and it makes it one of the most accessible guns to master and one of the highest pay-offs for doing so.

We’ve recently got a ton of leaks and reveals about season 4. It’s looking like Activision will change a lot of things about the game. With many new characters, new weapons, and two huge new maps, season 4 is already looking like the biggest one yet.

3. ICR 1

COD Mobile Top 5 Assault Rifles #3 ICR 1 Loadout

Barrel – YKM Integral Suppressor Light

Laser – OWC Laser – Tactical

Ammunition – 40 Round Fast Reload

Rear Grip – Granulated Grip Tape

Perk – Disable

The ICR got a nice range buff at the beginning of the season. This makes it one of the best guns in the game. It can go toe-to-toe with most other guns in the game at all ranges but lacks the mobility that stuff like the Peacekeeper offer. However, the trade-off is worth it. It’s slowly taking over the meta with an easy spray pattern and great damage.

With its excellent range and damage, the ICR is one of the best for racking up Bloodthirsty medals.

2. Type 25

COD Mobile Top 5 Assault Rifles #2 Type 25 Loadout

Muzzle – Monolithic Suppressor

Optic – Red Dot Sight 3

Stock – RTC Steady Stock

Laser – OWC Laser – Tactical

Ammunition – 42 Round Fast Reload

Even though it was nerfed some time ago, the Type 25 is still a viable gun. Its recoil is quite hard to learn, but you can wreak havoc once you get to grips with it. It has excellent damage and a very good range. However, with the nerfs hitting its fire rate, it’s a little slower than before. While not the best, it’s great for more experienced players who are used to controlling recoil patterns. To make up for the fire rate nerfs, you have to move around and constantly change your position to take enemies by surprise.

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1. Kilo 141

COD Mobile Top 5 Assault Rifles #1 Kilo 141 Loadout

Muzzle – Monolithic Suppressor

Stock – No Stock

Laser – OWC Laser – Tactical

Ammunition – Large Extended Mag B

Perk – Disable

The Kilo 141 is the most versatile gun, and versatility is king in competitive shooters. An easy spray pattern, excellent damage and fire rate, and the ability to take fights from both high and close range make the Kilo 141 the best assault rifle. The good damage and fire rate also make it the best gun for 1v2, 1v3, or 1v4, which are situations you will often find yourself in if you go into ranked play. The difference between the Kilo and the other guns is also quite massive, so if you’re looking for the best, the Kilo is the one for you.

While any gun can be viable in the hands of the right player, there will always be a few that stand above the rest because of balancing.

If you take a look at the professional matches from the Call of Duty World Championship of 2022, you can find that most of the guns mentioned in this list are dominating the meta.

Please note that most of these guns can also be used to great success in casual play. However, due to the more chaotic nature of the game mode, don’t be surprised if you don’t do that well while you’re learning the guns.

And finally, if you’re looking for a more casual list, here’s the Top 5 Guns and loadouts for season 3 of CoD Mobile.

For more specific info on each gun from the Top 5 assault rifles CoD Mobile season 3, check out the CODM wiki.

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