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COD Mobile Season 13 “Winter War” Release Date/Time, Maps, Weapons, Modes, Battle Pass & More

COD Mobile Season 13 is right around the corner and Activision promises a large array of new content is just about to drop.

Call of Duty: Mobile is officially getting festive, with a Winter update set to drop very soon. The holiday celebrations are about to begin, and players have a lot to look forward to.

With new maps, weapons, modes, and of course, a new Battle Pass to unlock, you won’t be hurting for content over the Christmas period. Here’s what to expect in COD Mobile Season 13: Winter War.

COD Mobile Season 13 Release Date & Time

COD Mobile Season 13 will release on December 21 at 4PM PT / 7PM ET. At this point, players will be able to download and enjoy the Winter War update during its global release time.

Enjoy getting festive as the update will last for at least a month, going by previous COD Mobile seasons. Therefore, there’s plenty of time to experience what Winter War has to offer.

New COD Mobile Season 13 Maps

One of the most exciting parts of a new Call of Duty season is the new maps it offers. This time around, COD Mobile is welcoming two favorite Multiplayer maps, Nuketown and Raid, both with a new Winter look.

Nuketown Russia is a returning take on the iconic close-quarters map, first seen in Black Ops 4. Set in a snow-filled Chernobyl nuclear testing site, the map offers classic Nuketown action in a Winter environment.

The second new map is Holiday Raid, and it’s sure to make even Black Ops Cold War fans envious. Although the console and PC players just got Raid in Cold War, Treyarch didn’t see fit to add this festive variant.

COD Mobile Season 13’s New Modes

Of course, there’s also a new way to play arriving in Season 13. In the new COD Mobile update, players will be able to try out the ‘Grind’ Multiplayer mode.

Fans of the franchise may remember this mode from Modern Warfare, where it combined Kill Confirmed and Hardpoint for an exciting new playstyle.

Confirm your kills by grabbing dog tags from enemies, then get your new loot to the drop points around the map. Should you die, you’ll drop all acquired tags.

Be sure to take care when heading to the score banks, and rack up the kills to drop a huge point total.

What’s in the COD Mobile Season 13 ‘Winter War’ Battle Pass?

As with every new season, there’s a new 50-Tier Battle Pass to enjoy. The COD Mobile Season 13 Battle Pass contains “new Operators, Weapon Blueprints, Charms, a new Scorestreak, a new functional weapon, and more.”

When you’re grinding out you new purchase, here are some of the things you’ll encounter:

Tier 14 offers an EMP Systems Scorestreak, which is free to all players. The new Call of Duty Scorestreak disables enemy electronics, select attachments, tacticals, and even other Scorestreaks.

What’s more, anyone who doesn’t equip Hard Wired is certain to get a disrupted HUD too.

Upon reaching COD Mobile Season 13’s Tier 21, players unlock the free Peacekeeper MK2 assault rifle. This weapon was first seen in Black Ops 3, and boasts a double-row magazine.

There will also reportedly be an Epic version of the weapon in the Battle Pass to unlock.

For Battle Pass purchasers, new winter-themed Operators skins are joining the fight alongside “some familiar CIA operatives.” Golem has a new Siberia look, and Ghost is getting a Dark Vision variant.

Black Ops Cold War fans will also recognize Adler and Park’s Mountain Drab and Safehouse looks, respectively. The COD Mobile Season 13 Premium Pass also contains new Blueprints to unlock, such as the GKS – Pack Warrior, BY15 – Top Dog, Man-O-War – Pack Leader, and RUS 79U – Troka.

COD Mobile’s New Winter Vehicle

There’s a new unconventional vehicle in COD Mobile Season 13. When playing Isolated Battle Royale, players can make use of a new COD Mobile rocket-powered snowboard to get around faster.

COD Mobile Winter War Ski Slopes
(Source: Activision)

Grab the board from your backpack, and you’ll soon be racing around the slopes of Ski Town. Players can even perform tricks as they speed around the map, and a new ski trail, complete with cable car, will arrive in the ski resort to boot.

New Challenges in COD Mobile Winter War

Throughout COD Mobile Season 13, players can enjoy all manner of seasonal events and challenges. One such example is the Holiday Bonanza Event, where the fight continues in Holiday Raid and Winter Prop Hunt.

There’s also a marquee event, ‘On the Brink,’ where players must activate and deploy sleeper agents in city centers. Activate new spies through playing Multiplayer and Battle Royale, then boost your recruits with new weapon sets.

Completing season challenges in COD Mobile Season 13 is a must, as there’s a new weapon and Perk up for grabs. The QXR SMG is a perfect close-quarters weapon that’s reminiscent of Warzone’s new best gun.

The Restock Perk is also finally coming to the mobile game, allowing players to resupply their lethal and tactical equipment. Every 25 seconds, players’ equipment levels will refresh, allowing for multiple Combat Axe kills in one life.

COD Mobile Season 13’s New Mythic Weapon

Finally, there’s a new COD Mobile Mythic Weapon to unlock, using the PeaceKeeper MK2 as a core. Made of meteorite comprised of ice and magma, the Mythic Weapon fires magma-wrapped bullets creating colorful trails in the air.

COD Mobile Mythic Weapon
(Source: Activision)

What’s more, the Mythic Weapon will bring an array of brand-new customization options along with it.

See more details about the COD Mobile Season 13 in a new Call of Duty blog.

It’s not been long since Call of Duty: Mobile celebrated its first anniversary, and it already feels like a whole new game. With Activision successfully monetizing the mobile platform, it’s no wonder that the company is reporting record earnings.

And now, with Black Ops Cold War merging with Warzone, the income potential must be tremendous. The company is even retaining Modern Warfare players with new leaked content coming to the game.

However, the new Warzone finale cutscene suggests that the new content may be teasing Modern Warfare 2.

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