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COD Mobile Season 1 (2022) Battle Pass: Release Date, Rewards, More

A new season of Call of Duty: Mobile is set to begin! Season 1 aka Heist is introducing a slew of new content and, of course, Battle Pass.

Each new Battle Pass is always highly anticipated. Not only does it signal the start of a new season but it introduces brand new weapons, tactical equipment, and cosmetics to the game.

On the weapon front, the COD: Mobile Season 1 Battle Pass introduces the PPSh-41, a powerful SMG that has already made it into our best weapons list.

There is also the new Storm Ball, a powerful smoke/shield that looks like it will add a new tactical complexity to the game.

Of course, there is much more in amongst the 50 tiers of the Season 1 Battle Pass. If you are curious to know more, check out our explainer below.

When Does the COD: Mobile Season 1 Battle Pass Start?

The Battle Pass is now live, having started at 5 pm PT on January 19. The Battle Pass will be active through the entirety of Season 1 with both a free and premium track available to players.

Players can, at any time during Season 1, purchase the Battle Pass and unlock the already earned tiers.

The Battle Pass rewards include five Epic weapon skins, four Epic Operator skins, Those that purchase the Battle Pass Bundle will also get exclusive cosmetics.

COD MObile Season 1 2022 battle pass rewards tiers

How Much Does the Battle Pass Cost?

The Battle Pass costs 220 COD Points (approx $2.20). Players can also purchase the Battle Pass Bundle (520 CP) which automatically unlocks the first 12 tiers as well as offers exclusive rewards such as the “Love Hurts” Calling Card and “High Stakes” avatar.

Reward highlights

Here are some of the stand-out rewards in the Battle Pass.

Epic Weapon Blueprints:

  • PPSh-41 – Pistolet Pro
  • Man-O-War – Sterling Ace
  • Rytec AMR – Master Plan
  • PKM – Gilded Lion
  • Fennec – Zakhaev’s Executioner

Epic Operator Skins:

  • Yuri – Bratok
  • Makarov – Kingfish
  • Iskra – Whitechapel
  • Ajax – Bounce
COD MObile Season 1 2022 rewards epic weapon and operator skins

There are also a number of Epic cosmetics, emotes, and the Storm Ball item. They include:

  • Epic Charm – Mission Failed
  • Epic Backpack – Big Haul
  • Legendary Calling Card – Treasure Trove
  • New Scorestreak – Storm Ball (tier 12)

Having checked out the Battle Pass rewards, why not have a look at the goodies available in Ranked Series 1?

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