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COD Mobile Ranked Series 1 (2022): All Rewards, Trailer, Schedule, and More

It’s a new day in Call of Duty: Mobile. Not only is the season counter resetting and Season 1 kicking off a brand new Ranked Series is set to begin.

Season 1 aka Heist boasts a huge amount of content. There is the PPSh-41 SMG and Kilo 141 AR, a brand new Battle Pass, and a raft of changes to the game’s battle royale modes that look to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

But for the diehards, there is one new addition that really matters. The start of a brand new Ranked Series.

Ranked Series are two-month-long grinds that reward the best players with limited-time cosmetics. Rank is earned by playing and winning matches in the game’s ranked mode.

Here is everything you need to know about COD: Mobile Ranked Series 1.

COD Mobile Ranked Series 1 – All Ranks

Each Ranked Series starts with a reset of all players’ ranks and Ranked Series 1 is no different. Players earn points throughout the Series by playing well and earning victories in standard MP and battle royale ranked modes.

Ranked Series 1 rewards

All players start in Rookie with the highest rank possible being Legendary.

The ranks and points needed for each are as follows:

  • Rookie: 1 to 1000
  • Veteran: 1001 to 2000
  • Elite: 2001 to 3000
  • Pro: 3001 to 4500
  • Master: 4501 to 6000
  • Grand Master: 6001 to 8000
  • Legendary: 6501 and above

The higher you rank up the more rewards you will unlock.


There will be a number of rewards for players to earn throughout Ranked Series 1, including at least three weapon skins, a vehicle wrap, backpack, and a Ruin Operator skin.

The developers have yet to reveal the full list of rewards but here are some images of what we know is coming:

Ruin Operator skin Ranked Series 1
Ranked Series 1 weapon skins cod mobile

We will continue to update this page with more rewards as we discover them.

When Does Ranked Series 1 Start and End?

Ranked Series 1 will begin at the outset of Season 1 which is scheduled to start on Jan 19 at 5 pm PT.

Ranked Series usually run for two months, with a new Series expected to kick off with the release of Season 3 which should be late March.

Remember, ranks reset each Series and once the cosmetics are gone, they don’t return to the store or otherwise. So if you like what you see make sure you start grinding.

Serious about ranking up? Then you will need to know the best guns in COD: Mobile Season 1. It might also be worth checking out the most recent spat of weapon balance changes too.

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