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COD Mobile – Crown of Kings Draw – Phantom Osiris, Sand Scrapers & More

The new draw, the Crown of Kings, is finally upon us. It’s time to step into the shoes of the Egyptian god Osiris and dominate the battlefield. Here’s how to get all the skins from the COD Mobile Crown of Kings Draw – Phantom Osiris.

A new draw is finally coming to COD Mobile. The first draw of season 4 holds many of the most anticipated since the game ever launched. We’re finally going to get our hands on a legendary melee weapon skin.

Before you jump into the draw, make sure you collect the other new skins that came in season 4! Here’s how to get Ghost Apparition, Roach & More in COD Mobile.

What Are the Rewards of the Crown of Kings Draw in COD Mobile

As with all draws, the value of the reward depends on each player. If you like the skins and rewards offered, it’s worth getting. If not, then maybe hold on to your COD points. But this one is pretty special. Here’s why:

Legendary Operator – Phanom Osiris

Legendary Melee Weapon – Sand Scrapers Kali Sticks

Epic Emote

Ak117 Epic Skin – Winged Lapis

Thumper Epic Skin – Winged Lapis

Wingsuit Epic Skin – Winged Lapis

Legendary Charm – Otherworldy Ruler

Combat Axe Epic Skin – Winged Lapis

Tank Epic Skin – Winged Lapis

Legendary Calling Card – Visitation

COD Mobile Phantom Osiris Skin

The new draw is packed with epic and legendary items to collect. You’re going to be happy if you’re a fan of the Kali Sticks. It is the first melee weapon to receive a legendary skin in the game’s history.

If you have not yet unlocked the Kali Sticks, don’t miss out; here’s how to unlock the newest melee weapon in COD Mobile.

The Phantom Osiris skin is also one of the best we’ve ever seen. It has many great features like personalized bomb kits for Search and Destroy an epic sentry turret for the kill streak, and even a legendary AR Kill Counter that is unique to the skin.

If you want to see all that Season 4 offers, check out our detailed patch rundown, where we went over all the balance changes.

Read more about the COD Mobile Crown of Kings Draw – Phantom Osiris and how they function on the CODM Wiki.

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Saturday 7th of May 2022

How much cp per draw?