While information surrounding COD 2024 has been somewhat scarce, fans have finally been given a look at its main character, Ratcliffe.

So far, plenty of rumors have circulated about COD 2024 and its setting. Unfortunately, no official or confirmed information has been revealed.

That was until now, as new information has finally arrived, giving players a peek under the curtain. An actor has revealed the main character’s name, what he’ll look like, and potentially even the setting.

COD 2024 Main Character ‘Ratcliffe’ Revealed

Actor Luke Charles Stafford revealed via his Instagram that the main character of Call of Duty 2024 is called Ratcliffe and based on his likeness.

While this reveal may have been a breach of Stafford’s NDA, it does bring COD fans a little clarity on the next entry into the franchise.

Luke Charles Stafford COD 2024 Instagram post

Previously, several leaks had pointed to the fact that COD 2024 would be set during the Gulf War, which occurred between 1990 and 1991.

In July 2022, leaked files and images made fans believe COD 2024 would be set during the Gulf War. One file, in particular, referenced the Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk, a stealth aircraft famously used during the Gulf War.

More recently, however, trusted Call of Duty Insider, CoD_Perseus, reiterated that COD 2024 would be set during the Gulf War.

As a result, many believe that Stafford’s reveal potentially confirms the rumors that COD 2024 will be set during the Gulf War, as a famous figure in the Gulf War was Major Peter Ratcliffe.

COD Modern Warfare gameplay

Most notably, Major Peter Ratcliffe was unexpectedly given command of the SAS’s elite ‘A’ Squadron during the Gulf War.

He then successfully led the ‘A’ Squadron behind enemy lines, for which he was awarded the¬†Distinguished Conduct Medal.

While this would certainly make for an intriguing COD campaign, it’s important to note that this doesn’t necessarily confirm that Stafford’s Ratcliffe and the real-life Major Peter Ratcliffe are one and the same.

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