Activision may have just accidentally leaked the logo and official name for their upcoming COD 2023 title. For months players have speculated about the direction of Call of Duty 2023.

Activision had stated that the next Call of Duty game wouldn’t appear until 2024, but soon leaks started to appear, hinting at some sort of COD 2023 expansion or title.

However, the floodgates of leaks have opened, and in their attempt to keep COD 2023 hidden, it seems Activision has shown us given us confirmation on the official name and logo for the game.

Activision DMCA Reveals COD 2023 Official Name

An Activision DMCA request has confirmed that Call of Duty 2023 is named Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III and will likely pick up after the events of MW2.

This confirms that all of the recent leaks that have shown up are from Modern Warfare 3. Many rumors already stated that COD 2023 would revolve around MWIII.

If the rumors are true, the game will feature remastered maps from past Modern Warfare titles.

Activision supposedly already showed MWIII to a select few NBA players at the recent NBA Summer League in Las Vegas.

It’s not surprising to see leaked images surfacing online since viewings are already taking place.

MW3 Logo Leaked

The recent leaks showcased some of the weapons in the Gunsmith with the Modern Warfare 3 logo shown in the upper right. The logo ditches the usual green for a new shade of red with the usual ‘MW’ lettering.

These leaks also showcased brand-new weapons making their way to Modern Warfare III and our first look at some of the perks that will appear in the game.

However, Activision has yet to confirm or reveal anything of the sort for COD 2023. Everything we’ve seen so far is from leaked images or rumors.