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Close Look at PS5 DualSense Controller Reveals Mind-Blowing Detail

The PS4 DualSense controller has a mind-blowing detail that only the most eagle-eyed fans are able to spot.

Those eagerly awaiting the upcoming PlayStation 5 have already seen that the DualSense controller is set to change how games are played. With incredible new haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, gaming just got more futuristic than ever before.

But that’s not all that the PS5’s DualSense controller has to offer. The sleek white new design is hiding a mind-blowing new detail.

dualsense controller astro
(Source: Sony)

This won’t be visible to all but the most in-depth investigators, but it truly shows how much detail Sony puts into their new equipment. You’ll have to look close to spot this little Easter egg.

PS5’s DualSense’s Mind-Blowing Detail

It’s unclear as to whether or not it’s possible to actually spot this feature without help. However, should you take a magnifying glass and hold it against the DualSense controller, there’s something familiar about the device’s texture.

When zooming in on the DualSense controller’s surface, PS5 fans will notice that there’s a textured pattern that covers the device’s underside. This likely helps players with their grip, but that’s not the mind-blowing detail.

DualSense Controller Mind-Blowing Detail
(Source: Sony)

What’s truly amazing is that the grip is made up of a series of intricate little symbols. Symbols that any PlayStation fan is sure to recognize.

The iconic Cross, Circle, Square, and Triangle buttons have appeared on every PlayStation controller to date. But on the PS5’s DualSense, the icons appear all over the hardware – in incredible detail!

The symbols appear to layer over the top of one another, resulting in excellent grip technology. It’s a fantastic nod to PlayStation’s history, but it might also come in handy in another way.

It’ll now be easier than ever to spot fake PS5 controllers when buying from questionable sources. This pattern is not only stylish, but it’s also tough to replicate successfully.

Now that the PlayStation 5 accessories are already in stores, fans will be able to check this feature out for themselves. You don’t need your own jeweler’s loupe to see the symbols either; a high-resolution phone camera will do just fine.

With easy passing day, the claim that PS5’s DualSense controller is more next-gen than the console seems more justified. We’re excited to finally hold the device in our hands and jump into some next-gen gaming.

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