Clone Trooper NPCs have arrived in Fortnite, and these Star Wars mercenaries have set up checkpoints across the island.

These troopers are setting up base in preparation for Order 66, which will turn the soldiers hostile against players. They have stationed themselves in multiple areas on the map.

These locations feature Clone Troopers, barricades, and chests containing valuable and powerful loot, and here is where you can find them.

Where to Find Clone Trooper Checkpoints in Fortnite

Three checkpoints are set up on the Fortnite map, and you can find them at:

The Clone Trooper checkpoints are not visible on the map, which makes them difficult to find. However, locating one can give you high-tier loot, such as the DC-15 Blaster.

clone trooper checkpoints

Shattered Slabs Checkpoint

This trooper checkpoint can be found just north of Shattered Slabs at the junction. It is located between the road that leads north to The Citadel and East to Anvil Square.

Slappy Shores Checkpoint

The Slappy Shores checkpoint can be located on the road that leaves west of this POI and on the junction leading North and South.

Frenzy Fields Checkpoint

The checkpoint by Frenzy Fields is Southwest of this location at the Meadow Mansion landmark. It is located between the junction leading West, East, and North.

What Are Clone Trooper Checkpoints in Fortnite?

Clone Trooper checkpoints are locations where players can find the Star Wars Republic chests. Gamers will also find Clone Troopers patrolling the area.

You can interact with the NPC troopers to purchase a DC-15 Blaster for 150 or receive a bounty targeting another player.

The Clone Troopers are friendly and will not shoot at you. However, they will not hesitate to fire back if you shoot at them.

When the troopers start attacking, ensure you are prepared by learning the force and obtaining a lightsaber!

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