Pokemon Scarlet & Violet lets players attend lessons at Naranja or Uva Academy, and we’ve got the answers to help you out in class.

Seeing as Pokemon Scarlet & Violet puts you in the shoes of a new school student, it makes sense that the game offers a range of classes for you to take.

In total, there are 7 classes that players can attend, each with 6 unique lessons, a midterm, and a final exam to take. But don’t worry about studying, as we’ve got the answers to each important question for you below:

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Class Question Answers

Here you’ll find all answers for each of the 7 classes in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Naranja/Uva Academy, alongside a cheat sheet for the midterm and final exams.

Art Class Answers

Art Answers Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
  1. N/A (Answer not important)
  2. The Grass Type
  3. The Ice Type
  4. There’s no correct answer
  5. Glaseado’s Grasp
  6. You can change their title

Art Midterm

  • Tera Jewel
  • The Grass Type
  • Hexagon
  • Medali
  • There’s no correct answer

Reward: 5 Exp. Candies S

Art Final Exam

  • The Treasure Eatery
  • Surrendering Sunflora
  • Two
  • Levincia
  • False

Reward: 5 Exp. Candies M

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Battle Studies Class Answers

Battle Studies Answers Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
  1. Physical and Special moves
  2. Heal Up!
  3. Terastallize and attack it
  4. No question
  5. LP
  6. Flat Rules

Battle Studies Midterm

  • Special
  • The move’s name
  • Four
  • Terastallizing and attacking
  • Fighting

Reward: 5 Exp. Candies S

Battle Studies Final Exam

  • Go All Out!
  • Auto Battles
  • Exchange materials
  • Lvl 50
  • True

Reward: 5 Exp. Candies M

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Biology Class Answers

Biology Answers Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
  1. Inside Buildings
  2. Eggs
  3. Inflict the Pokemon with a status condition
  4. B Button
  5. 1 in 4000
  6. Rotom

Biology Midterm

  • ZR
  • During Picnics in your basket
  • Walking Around
  • Giving them a Berry
  • Gym Badges

Reward: 5 Exp. Candies S

Biology Final Exam

  • Two
  • False
  • No, it won’t
  • 1 in 4000
  • False

Reward: 5 Exp. Candies M

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History Class Answers

History Answers Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
  1. Treasure
  2. About two thousand years ago
  3. About eight hundred years ago
  4. Wooden planks for writing on
  5. The Area Zero Expedition
  6. Professor Sada (Pokemon Scarlet) / Professor Turo (Pokemon Violet)

History Midterm

  • The Great Crater of Paldea
  • Treasure
  • Approximately 2000 years ago
  • 805 years ago
  • Knowledge

Reward: 5 Exp. Candies S

History Final Exam

  • Area Zero
  • 805 years ago
  • A folding fan
  • Heath
  • 10 years ago

Reward: 5 Exp. Candies M

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Home Ec Class Answers

Home Ec Answers Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
  1. My choice of fillings and condiments
  2. Items on the ground
  3. It can’t use moves
  4. He should make good with other people
  5. Clean it up
  6. Rotom Phones

Home Ec Midterm

  • Increasing Speed
  • Fillings and condiments
  • Oran Berry
  • True
  • False

Reward: 5 Exp. Candies S

Home Ec Final Exam

  • Sparkling Power
  • It helps hatch strong Pokemon
  • Make food with others
  • Pokemon Wash
  • It doesn’t matter

Reward: 5 Exp. Candies M

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Languages Class Answers

Language Answers Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
  1. Thank you
  2. Delicious
  3. I love you
  4. Anger
  5. Sadness
  6. Happiness

Languages Midterm

  • Thank You
  • Délicieux
  • Time to eat
  • Compliment them
  • Salvatore

Reward: 5 Exp. Candies S

Languages Final Exam

  • Délicieux
  • I love you
  • Anger
  • Happiness
  • Salvatore

Reward: 5 Exp. Candies M

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Math Class Answers

Math Answers Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
  1. It’s doubled
  2. Eleven
  3. 1 in 24 (about 4%)
  4. Triple Damage
  5. It depends on the situation
  6. 300

Math Midterm

  • Double Damage
  • Half Damage
  • Eleven
  • About 4 Percent
  • One-and-a-half times as much

Reward: 5 Exp. Candies S

Math Final Exam

  • Five
  • 75
  • About 12 percent
  • Triple Damage
  • 2

Reward: 5 Exp. Candies M

How to Take Classes in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

To take a class in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, simply head through the front doors of Naranja (Pokemon Scarlet) or Uva (Pokemon Violet) Academy. Then, talk to the receptionist behind the desk ahead of you, and select the class you’d like to take.

Classes are not mandatory to complete Pokemon Scarlet or Violet, however they do offer some nice Exp Candies as rewards.

How to Take Classes Pokemon Scarlet Violet

Can You Retake Classes?

Yes, by talking to the receptionist and selecting ‘I’d like to revisit a class’, you can retake any classes that you’d like to hear again.

However, thanks to our list of answers above, you won’t need to study for midterms or final exams, so there’s little benefit to doing so.

All Teacher Rewards from Naranja or Uva Academy

Besides getting 5 Exp Candies S for completing midterms and 5 Exp Candies M for completing final exams, the following rewards are also up for grabs at the Academy.

  • 5 Exp Candies L – Complete All Final Exams
  • 50 Rock Tera Shards – Reach Max Bond With Ms. Tyme (Math)
  • 50 Dragon Tera Shards – Reach Max Bond With Mr. Hassel (Art)
  • Mark All Shrines Locations – Reach Max Bond With Ms. Raifort (History)
  • Catch Gallarian Meowth – Reach Max Bond With Mr. Salvatore (Languages)
  • 10 Bottles of Protein – Reach Max Bond With Ms. Dendra (Battle Studies)
  • Get Sweet Herba Mystica Quest – Reach Max Bond With Mr. Saguaro (Home Ec)
  • 10 Max Revives – Complete Victory Road Path and talk to Nurse Miriam
  • Big Nugget – Complete Operation Starfall Path and talk to Director Clavell
  • Shiny Charm, False Swipe, 20 Ultra Balls – Catch Pokemon to Fill Out Your Pokedex and talk to Professor Jacq

How to Level Up Your Bond With Teachers in Scarlet & Violet

To level up your bond with a teacher in Pokemon Scarlet or Violet, simply talk to them several times throughout the game.

When travelling around the Academy, you’ll see an exclamation mark next to a location’s name if there’s a teacher you’re able to talk to at that location.

How to Bond with Teachers Pokemon Scarlet Violet

You’ll need to come back to the Academy over the course of multiple days or after taking new classes to have the chance to bond with individual teachers again.

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