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Clash Royale Update January 2020 Wishlist – Balance Changes

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Clash Royale’s next major mobile update will presumably release in January 2020. Although Supercell has remained tight-lipped on Season 7, here is the list of balancing changes we would like to see arrive.

The December 2019 update introduced a host of different additions to the game, including the arrival of a new card, season, and balancing changes. As we head into the new year, it will presumably be no different.

Clash Royale Season 7 Balance Changes – Wishlist

To help improve the quality of the game, there are numerous changes Supercell could introduce. These include buffs and nerfs.


Battle Healer

As with every new card, you’ll see it implemented into many different decks. Players don’t just use the card to test it out, but instead because it gives them a competitive edge.

The Battle Healer launched with Clashmas, although it has received its fair amount of criticism since then. After Season 6 ends, you can no longer use the card at your King Tower level – unless you have unlocked to do so. Therefore, we might not see as many players using it next month.

Regardless of that, the card is still worthy of a nerf. While it heals everything in its nearby vicinity and deals a hefty amount of damage itself, it could be time to reduce its healing range.

Night Witch

A while back, the Night Witch received a buff which changed its death spawns from 2 to 4. This has been a significant improvement to the card, so much so that fans are calling for it to be nerfed. Since this buff, the card remains one of the most popular and most used in the game.

When the Night Witch dies, any troops surrounding it will be targeted instead of its bats. This provides time for the Night Witch’s bats to produce vast damage, while the other cards tank for it.

With this in mind, perhaps it’s time for Supercell to nerf the death spawns from 4 to 3.



The Fisherman hasn’t been performing as well as other options as of late. As pointed out by numerous players, the card’s hook range simply is too low. For example, when pulling in certain troops as the Goblin Giant, it will somehow still manage to attack a tower.

In addition to this, it also struggles to make the opposition’s troops activate your king tower, due to its poor hook range. This card just isn’t as much of a viable option as it used to be.

That said, maybe it’s time for Supercell to buff the card, with a hook range increase. Perhaps they could increase the hook range from 6 to 6.5 tiles.


Have you ever heard of the Heal in Clash Royale? Presumably not.

This is because a bizarre 0% use the card, making it virtually non-existant in battles. With this in mind, it would seem like a sensible time to buff it.

Supercell could increase the amount it heals by a certain percentage, making it more of a viable option to implement into decks.

What are your thoughts on these balancing changes for Clash Royale Season 7? Are there any others you would like to see make their way into the game in January 2020?

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