As the end of the latest season draws even closer, Supercell has revealed new details regarding Clash Royale Season 8. The upcoming content drop doesn’t appear to be as substantial as before, but there’s still a bevy of nerfs and buffs on the horizon.

Clash Royale February 2020 Update

Season 8 of Clash Royale will officially begin on February 3rd, 2020. This doesn’t come as much of surprise, however, as Supercell confirmed the release date a while ago.

The upcoming addition doesn’t appear to be introducing any new cards, considering the Firecracker has only recently arrived. That said, it seems as though it will focus on the Ram Rider and Log cards. There will be a Ram Rider challenge available, and the card will also be boosted to your King Tower level for the season.

Its release will bring a host of new challenges, emotes, rewards, balance changes, and most importantly, a brand new tower skin.

Balance Changes

It’s important to note that these balance changes will not go live when Clash Royale Season 8 officially launches. Instead, they will release one day later on Tuesday, February 4th.

Clash Royale Season 8 Balance Changes

Zappies (Rework)

  • Damage: +20%
  • Hit Speed: 1.6s -> 2.0s (25% slower)
  • Faster ‘First Attack’ on target: 1.4sec -> 1sec
  • Staggered Deploy Time: 0.15sec

Barbarian Hut (Rework)

  • Building Lifetime: Reduced 60sec > 50s
  • Spawn Time: Reduced 13.5s -> 12.5s
  • Now spawns 2 Barbarians when destroyed

Royal Hogs (Buff)

  • Damage: +6%

Witch (Buff)

  • Faster ‘First Attack’ on target: 1.0sec -> 0.7sec

Tower Skin

Season 8 goes by the name “Return to Legendary.” It appears as though the season will have a heavy emphasis on the log.

With this in mind, there will be a Log-endary tower skin up for grabs if you purchase the Pass Royale.

Clash Royale Season 8 Tower Skin


In addition to the new tower skin, Season 8 will also introduce some new emotes to the game. These include the Crying Royal Ghost emote, which is available for Pass Royale members. If you haven’t purchased the Pass Royale, you can still unlock the Glorious Log and Ram Rider Fist Pump.

SOURCE: Offical Clash Royale Website