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Clash Royale Season 7 Update Brings Balance Changes, New Tower Skin & Arena

Clash Royale Season 7 launches on January 6th, 2020.
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The Clash Royale Season 7 update will launch on January 6th, introducing a whole host of new additions to the game. Here are the release notes, including balance changes and more.

For the first time, this season involves the Lunar New Year. Every season has its own name, and in this case, it’s called Lunar Festival. It’s packed with plenty of content inspired by the new year, including a new arena, tower skin, emote, card, and much more.

As with every new season, players’ trophies will be reset. This will allow them to earn even more rewards.

Clash Royale Season 7 Pass Royale

Just like every month, Supercell allows players to unlock new content as part of the Pass Royale. There are 35 tiers available for all players, but if you purchase the Pass Royale you can obtain even better rewards for each tier.

Those you get the Pass Royale will have the chance to unlock a brand new emote, which showcases the Firecracker with confetti. In addition to this, you will also be able to receive more legendary chests alongside a bonus bank, allowing you to earn extra gold upon tier 35.

Clash Royale Season 7 Firecracker Emote

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Is the Pass Royale worth is for Clash Royale Season 7? This season seems to have even better rewards than last time, so you might want to think about getting it. Besides this, it only costs £4.99 and you can re-enter tournaments whenever you wish.

Clash Royale Lunar Festival Balance Changes

The Clash Royale Season 7 balance changes are set to arrive one day later (January 7th, 2020). Without further ado, here’s what cards will be receiving buffs and nerfs.

Night Witch

First of all, a nerf is on the horizon for the Night Witch. A few players previously mentioned that it was very overpowered, which was then echoed by the community. With this in mind, perhaps a nerf for the card was rather necessary.

  • Initial Bat Spawn Speed reduced: 1.3s -> 3.5s
  • Slower First Hit: -17% speed


  • Hook Range Increased: 6 -> 7
  • Hook Charge Time increased: 1.1s -> 1.5s

Elixir Golem

  • Hitpoints: -6% (all forms – Golem, Golemite, Blob)

Lava Hound

  • Range increased: 2 -> 3.5

Lava Pups

  • Damage: +67%
  • Hit Speed: -70%
  • Melee Range: Long (Range reduced 2 > 1.6

New Tower Skin

Here’s a closer look at the new tower skin in Clash Royale.

Clash Royale Season 7 New Tower Skin

New Arena

Another arena has arrived in Clash Royale. In celebration of the Lunar New Year, it involves many different lanterns with the towers even looking like lanterns themselves. There appears to be a little snow on the rim of the arena, presumably because we’re in January.

Clash Royale Season 7 Lunar Festival New Arena

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