To kick off the new year, Supercell has revealed the new card coming in Clash Royale Season 7. Here’s the Clash Royale Firecracker stats and release date.

In a recent YouTube video, the company announced some of its plans for the new year. As with every season, a new card will be coming to the arena.

Similar to Clashmas, when you unlock this new card, she will be boosted to your king tower level until next season. You can unlock this card from challenges, although you’ll need to reach at least a few wins.

What is the New Card in Clash Royale Season 7?

Firecracker is coming to Clash Royale, Supercell’s community manager and game designer have announced. The card is common and costs just three Elixir. This makes it a viable option for cycle decks.

Hence the name, Firecracker shoots fireworks towards its opponents. As the firework hits the first card, it will then explode causing splash damage. Not only this, but the firework also deals damage to units behind the target. This makes it very useful for taking out cards such as Skeleton Army’s.

When testing, Supercell initially called the card Rocketeer. However, this was later changed as the card received numerous tweaks. Penny from Brawlstars inspired Supercell to develop Firecracker.

Firecracker’s appearance resembles other cards within the game, such as Archers or Rascals.

Some of you might question why Supercell chose to implement another long-range card into the game. They chose this card because it can damage cards behind the primary target, whereas not many other cards apart from Magic Archer can do such as thing. Her long-range allows her to reach troops in Clash Royale which other cards couldn’t.

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While this card might seem overpowered, it does have some drawbacks. As the firework it shoots is relatively powerful, the card is knocked back two tiles.

Supercells says “they’ll be some cool ways to activate the king tower with her.” With this in mind, perhaps we’ll see more players using the tornado to pull her into the king tower.

Clash Royale Firecracker Stats

  • Type: Troop
  • Rarity: Common
  • Elixir Cost: 3
  • Count: x1
  • Targets: Air & Ground
  • Transport: Ground
  • Damage: 265
  • Hitpoints: 252
  • Hit Speed: 3 Seconds
  • First Attack: 1 Second
  • Movement Speed: 1.5 tiles/sec (Fast)
  • Long Range: 6 Tiles
  • Deploy Time: 1 Second
  • Collision Radius: 0.5 Tiles
  • Survives log, but can be taken out by arrows.
  • Will be available in Hog Mountain once fully released.
Clash Royale Season 7 New Card - Firecracker

Firecracker Release Date

The Clash Royale Firecracker release date is January 6th. This is when Season 7 will also arrive, so keep an eye out for other additions to the game.