The latest 7 Star Tera Raid Battle in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is almost here, and this time players can catch a unique Cinderace. Here’s how to beat it.

7 Star Tera Raid Battles offer players the opportunity to catch incredibly rare Pokemon, some you can’t get by any other means in-game.

You can only have one of these Pokemon per save file, and this time around, it’s a Cinderace with a Fighting-type Tera Type.

However, if you want to defeat it, you’ll need to know its weaknesses, the best Pokemon to counter it with, and of course, when you can actually fight it.

Cinderace 7 Star Tera Raid Weakness

During the Cinderace 7 Star Tera Raid Battle, Cinderace will have a Fighting Tera Type. As a result, its weaknesses in this Raid Battle will therefore be Fairy, Flying, and Psychic types.

Types you should avoid bringing to this battle include Rock, Normal, Steel, Ice, and Dark. They will have little effect against this Cinderace.

Traditionally, Cinderace is a Fire-type, which is weak against Rock. However, that will be completely useless in this fight when Cinderace is Terastallized.

Black Crystal Pokemon Scarlet Violet

Of course, to stand a chance of catching Cinderance, you’ll need to understand how 7 Star Tera Raid Battles work in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Best Counters to Use Against Cinderace 7 Star Tera Raid

The best counters to use against Cinderace in the latest Pokemon Scarlet and Violet 7 Star Tera Raid Battle are the following:

  • Azumarill
  • Dachsbun
  • Gardevoir

Here is a complete breakdown of each Pokemon and the moves they should use in order to defeat the 7 Star Tera Raid Cinderace.


the Pokedex entry for Azumarill in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
  • Belly Drum – Learned through Egg Moves
  • Play Rough – Learned at level 25
  • Draining Kiss – Learned through TM37
  • Charm – Learned at level 9

Azumarill is perfect for the Cinderace 7 Star Tera Raid Battle as it is a Water and Fairy type. This makes it resistant to any Fire-type moves Cinderace uses, as well as strong against it due to its Fairy-type moves.

Additionally, with the combination of Belly Drum and Play Rough, players can deal a huge amount of damage while potentially lowering Cinderace’s Attack stat.

Of course, you’ll need to make sure you understand how Egg moves work in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet in order to teach Azumarill the very powerful move Belly Drum.


Dachsbun Pokemon
  • Charm – Learned at level 42
  • Play Rough – Learned at level 18
  • Psychic Fangs – Learned through TM63
  • Dazzling Gleam – Learned through TM79

Dachsbun is a great option for taking down the 7 Star Tera Raid Cinderace, as it is not only a powerful Fairy-type that can learn Psychic-type moves, but it also has the ability Well-Baked Body.

The Well-Baked Body ability means that any time Dachsbun is hit with a Fire-type attack, it takes absolutely no damage and instead has its defense raised by two stages.

With powerful Psychic and Fairy-type moves such as Play Rough and Psychic Fangs, Dachsbun is easily one of the best contenders for counters against the 7 Star Tera Raid Cinderace.


Ceruledge and Armarouge against a purple and scarlet background

Ceruledge Moves

  • Psycho Cut – Learned at level 56
  • Swords Dance – Learned at level 37
  • Bitter Blade – Learned at level 48
  • Reflect – Learned through TM74

Armarouge Moves

  • Psychic Terrain – Learned through TM138
  • Expanding Force – Learned at level 56
  • Psyshock – Learned when evolved
  • Reflect – Learned through TM74

Players who have Pokemon Violet should consider using Ceruledge, a Fire/Ghos-type, as it is resistant to both Fire and Fighting moves.

Similarly, Pokemon Scarlet players can use Armarouge, a Fire/Psychic-type, as it too is resistant to Fire and Fighting while being effective against Fighting-type Pokemon.

Of course, you should also check out the Pokemon that’s singlehandedly defeating all Tera Raids in Scarlet and Violet.

Cinderace Tera Raid Battle Start & End Date

The Cinderace 7 Star Tera Raid Battle event will start on Friday, December 30th, 2022, and end on Sunday, January 1st, 2023.

It will then start again on Friday, January 13th, 2023, before finally ending on Sunday, January 15th, 2023. That’ll give anyone busy over the New Year holidays a chance to catch this unique Cinderace.

These two times will be your only opportunity to catch this Cinderace in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. So be sure to train hard before December 30th to give yourself the best chance to catch it.

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