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Cheaters Banned in 1st Vanguard & Warzone RICOCHET Ban Wave – December 22

RICOCHET is now active, and Call of Duty Vanguard and Warzone cheaters are being banned by the thousands.

Activision announced some time ago the introduction of a new anti-cheat solution. RICOCHET came to fruition due to Vanguard and Warzone’s ongoing cheater problem.

The introduction of Warzone Pacific and the Caldera map was the perfect entry point for a solution like RICOCHET. The game was released, and a few days after, cheaters were already a massive problem in Caldera.

Fortunately, a few weeks after its arrival, RICOCHET went live, allowing gamers to enjoy Warzone and Vanguard finally.

Now, Call of Duty has shared how effective RICOCHET has been and how much it has affected cheaters.

Richochet Anti-Cheat Progress Report (1)

Call of Duty Shares RICOCHET Effectiveness Againts Hackers

Call of Duty shared on its Twitter that RICOCHET effectively banned over 48K cheater accounts yesterday.

This announcement is excellent news for those enjoying either Vanguard & Warzone Pacific. Cheaters on both of these titles were a consistent problem.

Shortly after Vanguard launched, players reported the appearance of cheaters on the game.

Of course, many gamers received this news with celebration and congratulated the development team.

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Other players expressed how mesmerized by the vast amount of bans. Mind you; this is a considerable amount of bans for a 24-hour period.

Some time ago, Activision shared that this solution would actively learn from ongoing cheats to combat them.

It seems that the learning curve is now delivering results. Thus, gamers encouraged the developers to keep up with these RICOCHET cheater ban waves.

Of course, not all fans are as receptive to this information. Many expressed disbelief that RICOCHET would be a permanent solution.

Furthermore, others took this chance to bring back the console FOV slider conversation.

Gamers have clamored for weeks to include a FOV slider on Warzone Pacific’s console version.

Lastly, some players believe this is not the end of it and that hackers will return.

This RICOCHET cheater ban wave is the right step in the right direction, but these games still need a lot of work.

Recently, players started quitting Warzone Pacific altogether glitches and issues in Caldera.

On a similar note, not long ago, Vanguard players reported crashes caused by Dev Error 5573.

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Clinton Holder

Wednesday 22nd of December 2021

ive been playing modern warfare and war zone since came out. the only reason it has so many dev errors and crashes n what not i because 'THIS IS A FACT TOO' Use wanted and decided to add cold war game and content to Warzone and now use have completely stuffed the modern warfare and warzone game by adding yet another waste of money game call of duty vanguard to warzone and use have the nev to say that there was errors before adding this new game to another. um hello are use all there in the head wake up and think about what use the providers n makers are doing to the game use are the reason everyone hates the game now and there are so many problem by adding another game to one that was perfect before use started adding cold war and vanguard use have destroyed by adding vanguard. get rid of from warzone modern warfare it does not belong here should be all separated games as all others are. me and thousands of other refuse to play or have anything to do with any of these games until use remove vanguard and cold war and have modern warfare Warzone separated from the others. i will be demanding refound for everything i purchased in game if not there couple ground on my account alone. wake up to yourselfs developers.


Monday 3rd of January 2022

@Clinton Holder, why don't you go to school to prepare yourself for interweb communication? You give me a fricking headache!!!

Ur mum

Friday 24th of December 2021

@Clinton Holder, wow ur so mad, u cant even type or spell correctly. No worries though, i just spent 5 mins and finally understood what u meant, which totally makes no sense and is absolutely garbage.

Nate Franks

Thursday 23rd of December 2021

@Clinton Holder, reading the first few lines of your post almost gave me an aneurysm.