Using the cheapest 89-rated players in FIFA 23 will help you complete those high-rated SBCs more efficiently!

As the game cycle continues and higher-rated players are released in SBCs, the squad requirements will start increasing.

Knowing which 89-rated players are the cheapest on the market will certainly help you in completing SBCs!

FIFA 23 Cheapest 89 Rated Players

PlayerPS & Xbox PricePC PriceNation
Son21,00019,750South Korea
Papin (Hero)21,00019,750Spain
These prices and players were updated on May 19, 2023, to reflect the current Transfer Market.

Player prices on the FUT market can fluctuate when they are in high demand. If an SBC is released needing a couple 89 rated players, their price will increase by a couple of thousand coins.

89 gold rare players will typically fluctuate between 20,000 coins and 35,000 coins.

If you are looking for the cheapest players for other overalls check out these guides:

Cheapest 89 Rated TOTW Items in FIFA 23

Some SBCs will require you to use TOTW items to complete them. Here are the cheapest 89 TOTW cards in FIFA 23:

PlayerPS & Xbox PricePC PriceLeagueNation
Douglas Luiz21,75024,500Premier LeagueBrazil
Dani Olmo22,50026,000BundesligaSpain

FUT 23 Cheapest 89 Rated Players in Each Top League

There will be SBCs that will require you to use players from specific leagues. Here are the cheapest 89-rated players from each of the top leagues in FIFA 23.

Premier League

  • Kane – 21,000 coins
  • Casemiro – 21,000 coins
  • Ederson – 21,000 coins
  • Son – 21,000 coins
  • Alisson – 21,000 coins

The Premier League is the best league for 89-rated players as they have the highest amount of rare gold 89 cards in FIFA 23!


  • Sadio Mane – 21,000 coins
  • Joshua Kimmich – 21,000 coins
  • Dani Olmo (TOTW) – 22,500 coins

There are very few 89-rated Bundesliga players in FIFA 23 at the moment. Bundesliga is a good option if you only require one 89!

Serie A

  • Wojciech Szczesny (FUT Centurions) – 21,750 coins
  • Paulo Dybala (MOTM) – 24,000 coins
  • Giacomo Raspadori (UCL RTTF) – 24,000 coins

The Serie A 89 overalls are all special items so their prices can fluctuate quite drastically as they are no longer in packs.

Ligue 1

  • Jean-Pierre Papin (Hero) – 21,750 coins
  • Neymar Jr – 23,500 coins

La Liga

  • Jan Oblak – 21,000 coins
  • Fernando Morientes (Hero) – 22,000 coins

There is only one 89 rare gold in La Liga. The rest of the players are special items but are still fairly cheap.

If you require an 89-rated player in an SBC, follow this SBC ratings combination guide to find the best solution for the players in your club!

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