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Cheapest 88 Rated Players in FIFA 23 for SBCs

Finding cheap 88 rated players in the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Transfer Market will help you complete some of the more difficult SBCs.

FIFA 23 promo weekends are full of Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) that players can do to earn some of the best promo cards or rewards.

But usually, these SBCs require players to use at least one or two high-rated players. Thankfully, we’ve found all the cheapest 88 rated players in FUT 23 to help you complete these SBCs efficiently.

FIFA 23 Cheapest 88 Rated Players

PlayerPS & Xbox PricePC PriceLeagueNation
Bernardo Silva26,30027,500Premier LeaguePortugal
Keylor Navas26,30026,500Ligue 1Costa Rica
Ruben Dias26,50026,750Premier LeaguePortugal
ter Stegen26,30027,000LaLiga SantanderGermany
Luka Modric26,80026,000LaLiga SantanderCroatia
Gianluigi Donnarumma26,30028,000Ligue 1Italy
Kevin Trapp (TOTW)26,00027,500BundesligaGermany
Gerard Moreno (RTTK)27,35027,550LaLiga SantanderSpain
Jorge Campos27,50027,500World Cup HeroMexico
Erling Haaland27,00034,000Premier LeagueNorway
Marquinhos27,50028,500Ligue 1Brazil
Diego Milito (Hero)28,00030,000Serie AArgentina
Toni Kross28,00027,500LaLiga SantanderGermany
Mario Gomez (Hero)28,80029,000BundesligaGermany
Cheapest 88 rated players in FIFA 23
These prices and players were updated on November 21, 2022, to reflect the current Transfer Market.

These prices will often increase when there is high demand for cheap 88 overall players. Usually, when there is a popular SBC that requires a minimum of one or two 88 rated players, you’ll find that all of the cheapest 88 rated players are at least a few thousand coins more expensive.

Above are the cheapest 88 rated players that you’ll find in both the Shared Transfer Market and the PC Transfer Market.

Remember, these aren’t the best performing 88 rated players, so we wouldn’t recommend using them to play matches if you can afford someone better.

Even the cheapest 88 rated players in FIFA 23 can be quite expensive. If you’re trying to round out an SBC that requires an 84, 85, or 86 overall team, don’t forget to check out other options:

Who is the Cheapest 88 Rated Player in FIFA 23?

The cheapest 88 rated player in FIFA 23 is currently Bernado Silva. The Manchester City midfielder currently costs 26,300 coins on the PlayStation and Xbox Transfer Market, or 27,500 coins on the PC Transfer Market. Keylor Navas and Ruben Dias are the next cheapest for a few hundred coins more.

Here is the current lineup of SBCs that would benefit from having an 88 rated player:

If you’re looking to complete an SBC then you can use our guide on every possible squad rating combination to see what player ratings you need to add to bring up your overall!

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