It’s important to find dungeons in Diablo 4 with a high density of enemies like the Charnel House in order to farm XP, gold, and Legendary Gear.

Diablo 4 has plenty of dungeons, but some of them are noticeably easier to farm and allow players to really push how much XP they gain from each run. This is important since you will generally farm for XP for a good amount of your time in Sanctuary.

You need to level up your character in order to access endgame content, earn better rewards, and tackle the highest-tier Nightmare Dungeons available. This is why we recommend learning how to find the Charnel House dungeon in Diablo 4 to add to your farming run.

How to Find Charnel House in Diablo 4

Players can find the entrance to the Charnel House in Diablo 4 in the Untamed Scraps of the Dry Steppes, north of the Jirandai Waypoint. It’s a great dungeon to farm XP and also holds the Aspect of Perpetual Stomping for the Barbarian.

Charnel House Diablo 4 Map

To make your way to the Charnel House, teleport to the Jirandai Waypoint found on the southwestern side of Sanctuary. From here, head north to the entrance of the Untamed Scraps, and you’ll see the entrance to the Charnel House.

To really make the most out of this dungeon, you’ll want to gather Nightmare Sigils for the Charnel House in order to get a more difficult version of this area with increased rewards.

The dungeon itself is medium-sized, so players will encounter plenty of enemies without taking too much time.

How to Farm Charnel House

To properly farm the Charnel House in Diablo 4, players will need to use a Nightmare Sigil in order to turn this dungeon into a Nightmare Dungeon and clear out all of the enemies.

If you don’t have a Nightmare Sigil for Charnel House, you can craft one at The Occultist found in any of the following towns: Kyovashad, Cerrigar, Ed Bardu, Zabinzet, and Gea Kul.

You can obtain the Sigil Powder needed for crafting sigils by completing Nightmare Dungeons and salvaging the sigils you obtain from them.

What is the Aspect of Perpetual Stomping?

The Aspect of Perpetual Stomping is a Barbarian mobility aspect that resets the Leap skill’s cooldown when an enemy is damaged using Ground Stomp or Kick. It’s a great way for Barbarians to gain increased mobility to make their way through Nightmare Dungeons more easily.

Players will get it after the first time that they complete the Charnel House dungeon in the Dry Steppes. However, it is a Barbarian Legendary Aspect that players can only use on Boots or an Amulet.