The Last of Us episode 4 ending introduced us to two upcoming and important characters in the story of the show as it ended on a cliffhanger.

Of course, if you played the game, you will know who these people are. However, if you are watching with no prior knowledge, you will come to know them as Henry and Sam.

In both the game and the show Henry and Sam are brothers with Sam’s actor, in particular, having some pretty interesting facts about him.

At the conclusion of the episode, these two characters can be seen pointing guns at the two main protagonists, Ellie and Joel.

This article contains spoilers for later episodes of The Last of Us TV show.

The Last of Us Episode 4 Ending Explained

In this episode, we learn that two characters called Henry and Sam are hiding from an unnamed group of people, led by Kathleen and a soldier named Perry. At the minute, we do not know the reason as to why this faction is after them.

Later on, towards the end of the episode, Joel and Ellie stumble upon a room containing two beds. The pair decide to rest up and stay here for the night.

Eventually, Ellie wakes Joel up by calling his name, only for him to see two people pointing weapons at them. This is our first introduction to Henry and Sam in the show.

Since Joel and Ellie found the room with the two beds, they could have stumbled upon the siblings hiding spot. This could be why the brothers decide to threaten them.

Luckily, Henry and Sam will not end up shooting the two main characters, instead, the four will become allies in future episodes.

Lamar Johnson as Henry talking to Sam in The Last of Us TV show

What Role Do Sam & Henry Play in The Last of Us?

In the video game, Sam and Ellie become friends due to the experiences they share. They are both young children who have only been a part of the apocalyptic world.

This shared experience allows the two to connect and they share laughs and tell jokes. Sam is a scared and timid character but Ellie reassures him with compliments telling him whenever he has done a good job.

Sam and Joel don’t communicate much, but after Sam is separated from his brother, he begins to trust Joel.

Henry, on the other hand, grows quite close to Joel. The two bond over stories that Joel tells of his life prior to the Cordyceps Brain Infection.

However, all does not end well for the two brothers. Unfortunately, Sam picks up the fungus infection and turns into a runner.

Sam and Henry The Last of Us video gam characters from episode 4 ending

Despite being turned, Henry shoots at Joel to protect his brother before changing his mind and killing his own sibling. Due to the guilt of shooting Sam, Henry takes his own life but not before saying it was Joel’s fault this happened.

Joel appears to become affected by this, as he instructs Ellie not to bring up the two deceased brothers again.

When this happens in the show, it will certainly be a gut-wrenching moment. Although, it may not happen exactly like the source material.

We have already seen a major change in the deaths of two characters from the show compared to the video game.

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