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Changing Regions on PS5 – How Does it Work?

How do you go about changing regions on PS5? Is it even necessary and how does it work this time around?

Being able to change regions on previous PlayStation consoles has been necessary to some. Especially to those who travel, move to other countries, and bring their consoles with them.

It means they don’t need to purchase a new device in a new location, as that would be rather unfair on them. But to some creative people, it’s also a way to play games early or play titles from other countries.

Even those that have not had a local release yet. Perhaps they never will.

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For example, lots of games come out in Japan that never receive a western release. The creators believe that there isn’t a big enough market and simply don’t bother.

This is frustrating to the western fans, but region swapping consoles to play foreign releases is a way around this problem. Some fans may own a second console for this very purpose in some cases.

How Do I Go About Changing Regions on PS5?

So, what about changing regions PS5? The short answer is you can’t.

The PS5 is region-locked, regardless of the region where you bought it. Nobody has done it at this present moment, and Sony hasn’t indicated that they intend to introduce the feature either.

Of course, this doesn’t mean hackers won’t find a way. Or that Sony may not include the functionality at some point in the future – but they may not need to.

That’s because PS5 games are region free. Meaning, in theory, you shouldn’t ever need to change your region anyway. If you want to buy a game from overseas, then have at it.

The title will still work on your PS5 regardless of where it originated. Although these days, games tend to launch around the same time across regions.

But there are still some Japanese franchises that take a long time to make it to western shores. The good news is, even if this continues to happen, it shouldn’t be a problem.

If you absolutely must know a way of changing regions on PS5, then we’d recommend setting up a new PSN account. Then select the region you desire.

But if we’re being honest, we’re not sure why you’d ever need to with universal and region free games.

As it’s Black Friday, you may still be able to get your hands on a PS5. You can also discover what we think about this year’s Black Friday discounts across all consoles. After all, more PS5 stock is coming before the end of the year!

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