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How to Change Showcase Operator in MW2

MW2 lets players showcase their favorite Operator in the game’s lobby but some players are reporting issues with the system not working.

Personalization has long been a major part of Call of Duty, with players being able to change their Emblems, Calling Cards, and Operators throughout the franchise for some time now.

It’s a nice way to show off your unlocks in-game, letting other players know just how much you’ve achieved. At least, when it works.

What Is a Showcase Operator in MW2?

A Showcase Operator is the character that you want to appear beside your name in the Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer lobbies. They will also be who you actually play as in multiplayer games, provided that you’re on the appropriate team.

How to Equip Showcase Operator in Modern Warfare 2

  • From the MW2 lobby, press the Options/Menu button on controller and use R1/RB to tab across to Profile (or just click on the Profile icon on PC).
  • Select Edit Showcase.
How to Change Showcase Operator MW2
  • Press Showcase Operator.
  • Choose an Operator you’d like to equip.
  • Select them with X/A/Left Click.
Change Showcase Operator

Your chosen Operator should now be showcased and will be your default character in your multiplayer lobbies.

See someone you want but don’t have unlocked just yet? Here’s how to unlock all Operators in MW2!

Can’t Change Showcase Operator / Calling Card / Emblems Not Working Bug

A bug is making the rounds in MW2 right now that doesn’t allow players to see their showcase Operator, instead reverting to Fender. The bug also prevents players from changing their Calling Cards and Emblems.

UPDATE: Infinity Ward has now released a patch that should fix the Profile Showcase Operator bug! All players should be able to switch up their profiles freely as bid farewell to Fender.

Many players have expressed their disappointment on social media.

How to Fix MW2 Showcase Not Working

There is no official fix for the Showcase not working bug in Modern Warfare 2 right now, but we expect Infinity Ward to address this issue in the next patch.

In the meantime, players can try basic troubleshooting steps such as restarting or uninstalling and reinstalling the game.

However, some players are indicating that even reinstalling the game hasn’t helped. We doubt this issue will be resolvable until Infinity Ward addresses it officially.

We’ll have to wait on Infinity Ward to come out with an official fix in the coming days. We imagine it’ll be high up the list of priorities, as the bug is preventing players from using their expensive Vault Edition skins.

That’s not all that’s bugged with MW2 right now either. Some players are even finding themselves unable to equip or unlock gold camos in multiplayer.

But it’s not all bad news where bugs are concerned. A new exploit is letting players level up their MW2 guns to max in less than an hour – take advantage while you can!

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Comments 8


Saturday 5th of November 2022

Not gonna fucking lie literally paid 100 dollars for skins I can only use once in a while in a match... what the fuck!!! This should already be addressed I favorite the other faction I picked the operator I want to be Uninstalled the game reinstalled edited my showcase nothing works just disappointing how infinity ward has not addressed yet God I hope this shit gets patched soon!!!

Monday 31st of October 2022

@Daniel, We're on the same boat man. I'm stuck with this Fender operator. This is fckd up.


Sunday 30th of October 2022

Minor inconvenience.. it'll be ironed out!

In the mean time enjoy reading the sniveling crybaby butthurt children whining over a 1st world problem like * OH NOES THE GAMES BUSTED REFUNDS MY MONIES!*

truly wonderful entertainment!


Monday 31st of October 2022

@CodofCuck, still pay top money for big brand expect quality. Just saying battlefield did same and got crushed by it


Sunday 30th of October 2022

I can't use the showcase skins after reinstalling several times


Sunday 30th of October 2022

Paid $100 for unusable items within the game. 12 operators unlocked and I’m using one I haven’t unlocked. Well done Activision. Well done. If the roles were reversed I’d be swift to remedy the situation being that money has left the customers account already. Checks cleared, but the debt isn’t. Devs need a wake up call!