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Infinity Ward Dev Highlights Change Coming in Modern Warfare Update 1.13

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Infinity Ward has previously addressed killfeed issues in Modern Warfare, although now it appears that more changes to the feature are on the horizon. These fixes will presumably occur in Modern Warfare update 1.13, so here’s what Infinity Ward had to say on the matter.

Back in November, the devs made alterations to the killfeed. They removed unnecessary messages from the game, such as someone leveled up. This was a highly-requested change, but unfortunately, new issues have emerged.

Throughout the past few weeks, fans have pointed out that the current killfeed has a few visual issues. These include out-of-place lines and the duplication of some messages.

Thankfully, Joe Cecot, Infinity Ward’s Co-Design Director of Multiplayer, has addressed this. In a recent tweet, the dev announced that a fix is in place – but it won’t be ready until after the Holidays. It was actually scheduled to arrive in the last update but didn’t due to review.

Modern Warfare Update 1.13

The killfeed fixes will presumably launch with Modern Warfare Update 1.13. It’s unclear as to what other changes will accompany this patch. Assuming it launches just after the Holidays, we can expect more information to arrive in the upcoming weeks.

Perhaps the MW Update 1.13 will entail changes to Shipment, including the prevention of spawn killing. It’s also possible to see a few edits to the suppose Skill-Based Matchmaking system, such as addressing the exploits which bypass it. Fans have been extremely frustrated by its inclusion overall, so maybe it will be removed from the game entirely.

Infinity Ward has received backlash over the past month or so as well. Fans have theorized that they failed to disclose some changes in the previous patch notes. In addition to this, a lack of communication with the community has prompted criticism. Hopefully, players will be pleased with Cecot’s response to killfeed issues.

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