One of Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3’s new quests has players searching to locate a special Chalice using Aura’s Map location. Thankfully, your task is easy, if you know where to look!

A lot of players have been having issues with a confusing Snapshot Quest, asking them to locate a special Chalice.

And while the quest does give you a general location to search, there initially doesn’t seem to be anything there to find. Here’s what you’re missing when hunting for that Chalice!

Where to Find the Chalice Location in Fortnite

To find the Chalice for the ‘Locate the Chalice Using Aura’s Map Location’ quest, first you’ll need to head to the Hidden Ruins just northwest of Creeky Compound.

We’ve marked the location on the map below:

Where to Find the Chalice in Fortnite

Head inside the Temple through the main entrance shown below.

Then, right after the Temple’s doorway, before the staircase, break the wall on your left with your Pickaxe.

Where to Find the Chalice Location in Fortnite

Enter the new room behind the wall you destroyed, and head through the available doorway leading down.

Finding the Chalice in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3

Follow the corridor along until you come to a new room with a couple of stone altars in it.

In that room, hold Square / X / E on the central platform to make an offering of 100 Gold Bars.

Find the Chalice in Fortnite

Once done, the Chalice will spawn in the box beside you!

The good news is that once the 100 Gold is paid, any number of players can pick up the Chalice! If someone has beaten you to the treasure, simply claim your reward from the box for free.

Hold Square / X / E to interact and pick it up.

Where to Find Chalice Location in Fortnite

You’ll then be wielding Fortnite’s new Chalice, which gives you a regal gold look and a new scepter to swing. The weapon doesn’t appear to deal additional damage to enemies but you’ll look incredibly styling while wielding it.

Handing the Chalice to Aura Fortnite

But you’re not done yet! You must now return the Chalice of Cubetastrophe to Aura without losing it to complete your quest.

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