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CDL 2021 Skins Leak for Black Ops Cold War & Warzone

A new video has leaked the upcoming CDL operator skins for Black Ops Cold War and Warzone.

With the CDL Opening Weekend starting on February 11, it only makes sense for fans to get some new CDL skins.

However, these skins have leaked early and fans can get a sneak peek of what the new skins look like before they officially release next Thursday.

Call of Duty fans can also earn free Black Ops Cold War items by watching the CDL.

Black Ops Cold War

Leaked Cold War CDL Skins

The new CDL skins are all based off of the CDL operator that is already in the game. However, they all have different color schemes as well as a CDL team’s logo.

These skins will most likely go on sale in separate packs, with each team getting their own pack.

A leaked trailer reveals what some of the team’s skins will look like. Fans of Paris Legion, Toronto Ultra, Seattle Surge, OpTic Chicago, London Royal Ravens, New York Subliners, LA Guerillas, and Dallas Empire can watch the leaked trailer below to see what their team’s CDL skin will look like.

Unfortunately, fans of Atlanta FaZe, Florida Mutineers, Minnesota ROKKR, and newcomers LA Thieves will have to wait a bit longer to see what their team’s CDL skin looks like.

It also seems like each CDL team will get two skins. One using their team colors and a white/gray alternate skin. Although, players will likely get both of these skins for buying the team pack, along with other CDL team items.

Fans may also be interested to see all of the new rule changes ahead of 2021 CDL season.

CDL Intel Twitter

CDL Camos, Charms, Watches, Calling Cards & Stickers

Call of Duty leaker TalisDoll553 on Twitter has also revealed some of the other items that could come with the CDL skin packs for Cold War and Warzone.

This includes CDL themed camos, charms, watches, calling cards and stickers for Cold War. However, this is still just a leak and has not been officially confirmed just yet.

Meanwhile, CDL may see Warzone added during the 2021 season. This could totally shake up how the league works.

Even more exciting news for Call of Duty fans is that a new Zombies map has arrived. Check out our guide on how to turn the power on in Firebase Z.

We also have a guide on how to Pack-A-Punch in Firebase Z, so make sure to read that too so you’re prepared to slay hordes of undead.

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