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CDL 2021 Rule Change Adds Classic Map, Bans Weapons

New CDL 2021 Rule Changes bring back a classic map and ban overpowered rifles.

Activision has announced some new CDL rule changes ahead of the 2021 season. The Call of Duty League season will start at some point early this year, following these new rules.

The changes include the return of a classic map to competitive play and the banning of some overpowered weapons.

CDL 2021 Map Changes

Players were happy to see classic map Raid added to Black Ops Cold War in Season 1. It will now also be making its way into the CDL map pool.

This CDL rule change puts Raid as a map for the Hardpoint, Search & Destroy and Control game modes.

For the respective game modes, Raid is replacing Cartel Hardpoint, Crossroads Search & Destroy, and Moscow Control.

CDL 2021 Rule Change

Tactical Rifles Banned

The CDL has banned all Tactical Rifles for competitive play in the 2021 season. This rule change has come as a relief to fans who were worried that these weapons were too powerful.

The Type 63, AUG, M16, and DMR-14 have all been added to the restricted list, meaning that players can no longer use them. This is primarily because of their very high time-to-kill and accuracy at long ranges.

This has also been a huge problem for Battle Royale players, but the DMR has finally been nerfed in Warzone.

Visit the Call of Duty League website to keep up to date with all the CDL rule changes.

Black Ops Cold War is also getting a new map and some fresh game modes with the bug Mid-Season 1 update. This should be enough to tide you over until CDL begins.

There has also been a new playlist update for Black Ops Cold War featuring some great game modes. Don’t worry, Nuketown 24/7 isn’t going anywhere.

KARNAGE Clan is certainly glad that Nuketown is staying. They set a Team Deathmatch world record where one player got all 100 kills.

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