The Pokemon GO Winter Wishes Research has a choice for players to make about which bonus they want for the rest of the festive celebrations – but should you pick Catching Pokemon or Collecting Stardust?

After completing Step 1 of the Winter Wishes Research in the 2023 Pokemon GO Winter Holiday event, players will get a choice to make between two bonuses. This has left many players with a dilemma, as both bonuses seem great.

That’s why we’ve got the answer about which bonus you should pick!

Catching Pokemon or Collecting Stardust? Best Winter Wishes Choose A Path

Overall, the best path to pick in the Pokemon GO Winter Wishes Research is Catching Pokemon, as it gives you 2x Catch XP.

This is because it is harder to earn XP than Stardust, and the Collecting Stardust option gives you 2x Catch Stardust.

However, both bonuses are great, and the best one for you depends on your situation.

Pokemon GO Choose a Path

For instance, if you are running low on Stardust but want to power up some Pokemon for the GO Battle League, then 2x Catch Stardust may be more useful for you.

Whichever bonus you pick will last until the end of Part 2 of the Winter Holiday event on December 31.
Pokemon GO Galarian Mr Mime

In terms of tasks, there is only a slight variation between each path. The Catching Pokemon Path requires you to earn 25,000 XP, and the Collecting Stardust path requires you to earn 7500 Stardust.

Both are pretty easy to complete, if a little time-consuming.

It is also worth noting that the only difference in rewards between paths is that Catching Pokemon gives you a Lucky Egg, while Collecting Stardust gives you a Star Piece. Both paths give you an encounter with Galarian Mr Mime!

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