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Where to Catch Flutter Mane in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

One of the rising stars of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, Flutter Mane, though new to the series, is already finding its place in the “Casual Battle” meta and in Tera Battle Raids.

Although if you plan on bringing Flutter Mane into the Ranked Battles in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, you are out of luck, as it has been removed from the eligible list of Pokemon.

This dual Ghost and Fairy-type is exclusive to Pokemon Scarlet, tucked deep in the endgame areas of the game, with low average HP, Attack, and Defense, but high Sp. Atk, Sp. Def, and Speed.

Where to Catch Flutter Mane

You can only find Flutter Mane in Area Zero in Pokemon Scarlet, at the center of Paldea, after completing the Path of Legends, Starfall Street, and Victory Road story paths, and gaining access to the Great Crater of Paldea.

In Area Zero, Flutter Mane spawns in the lower tiers, appearing near the third or fourth Research Station in the caverns.

Zero Gate location in Paldea

Flutter Mane is one of the ancient Paradox Pokemon you fight in the battle with Professor Sada in Pokemon Scarlet. But it seems you will not see it spawn more commonly until you successfully beat Sada and her Pokemon.

  • If you only have Pokemon Violet, you must trade with a Scarlet player to get one.
  • To access Area Zero, you must complete the Victory Road, Path of Legends, and Starfall Street storylines. Then go to the northwest entrance to The Great Crater of Paldea.
Zero Gate the entrance to Area Zero In Pokemon
  • This Pokemon is easiest to find after beating Professor Sada at the bottom of the crater and finishing the game. However, it’s possible to find it in Area Zero before seeing the end credits too, if you’re lucky.
  • From the any Research Station console, select “Research Station 3” or “Research Station 4” to travel to the depths of the crater.
Zero Gate Console to go to Research stations in Pokemon Scarlet
  • After reaching the station of your choice, search the nearby caverns for Flutter Mane which will spawn relatively frequently in the area.

How to Catch Flutter Mane

To catch Flutter Mane, lower its health until its HP bar is red or orange. Then, for a higher catch rate, use a Dusk, Ultra, Quick, or Master Ball.

  • Your Pokemon should be around Level 60 or higher.
  • Ghost and Steel-type moves are super effective against it
    • However, they should be used sparingly so you don’t knock it out.
  • If it’s not staying in the Poke Ball, inflict it with a Status move like Spore to put it to sleep.
    • Status moves cause indirect damage, raise or lower a Pokemon’s stats, or inflict status conditions, including paralysis or sleep, which can prevent that Pokemon from making a turn.
    • Inflicting Pokemon with Status conditions by using a Status move can also improve the catch rate.
    • Catch rate refers to the likelihood of catching a Pokemon with a Poke Ball.
Dusk Ball catching a Pokemon
  • Poke Balls that work best to catch Flutter Mane (Dusk, Quick, Master, and Ultra Balls) are available to purchase at Poke Marts, or Delibird Presents stores locations, except for the Master Ball.
    • Dusk Balls are effective in dark places like caves or at night.
    • Quick Balls are most effective when used as your first turn.
    • Ultra Balls are the most effective of the regular Poke Balls.
    • The Master Ball is given to you at the end of the game and works 100 percent of the time. But you only can get one, so use it carefully.
    • By the end of the game all Poke Balls are unlocked to purchase.

Flutter Mane Stats and Signature Abilities

Despite low average base Defense, Attack, and HP, Flutter Mane has very high Speed, Sp. Atk, and Sp. Def.

It also has the signature ability, Protosynthesis, which all ancient Paradox Pokemon from Pokemon Scarlet have, which can increase its highest stat (not HP) by 30 to 50 percent.

Shiny Flutter Mane in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
Shiny Flutter Mane Source: BLAINES
  • Protosynthesis activates when the weather effect of Harsh Sunlight occurs randomly or via a Pokemon’s move.
    • Its highest stat, which is not HP, will increase by 30 percent.
    • If that stat is Speed, it increases by 50 percent.
  • It can also activate in battle automatically if you equip the Held item Booster Energy to your Flutter Mane from your inventory.
    • To find Booster Energy, go to Professor Sada’s Lab at the bottom of Area Zero.
    • To your left next to the door leading to the time machine, you can pick it up “A.” It will be visible as a sparkling spot.
StatAverage Base StatStat Range At LVL 50Stat Range At LVL 100
HP55115 – 162220 – 314
Attack5554 – 117103 – 229
Defense5554 – 117103 – 229
Sp. Atk135126 – 205247 – 405
Sp. Def135126 – 205247 – 405
Speed135126 – 205247 – 405

Flutter Mane Resistances and Weaknesses

Since Flutter Mane is a Dual Ghost and Fairy type, it is weak to Ghost and Steel-type attacks, which do double damage.

However, it is resistant to Bug-type moves, only receiving a quarter of the damage dealt to it.

Flutter Mane’s Weaknesses

The following types of attacks do double damage to it.

  • Ghost
  • Steel
the new ghost-type dog pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
Flutter Mane is weak to Ghost-types like Greavard.

Flutter Mane’s Resistances

The following types of attacks do only 1/4th of the usual damage to Flutter Mane.

  • Bug

Is Flutter Mane Effective Against Charizard?

Yes, Flutter Mane is an effective counter for the Black Tera Raid Battle Charizard event. Since Charizard in the event has the Dragon Tera-type, Flutter Mane’s Fairy-type attacks deal double damage.

Players have found that teaching it the moves like Moonblast, along with equipping the Covert Cloth as Held item to Flutter Mane, is very effective.

Charizard Tera Raid
  • Moonblast is a high-damage Fairy-type move learned at Level 84, with 95 Power and 100 percent accuracy.
    • It’s also a Special Attack move, so that means it’s drawing its damage from Flutter Mane’s already high Sp. Atk.
    • This guarantees high damage against a Dragon Tera-type like the Charizard from the event.
  • The Covert Cloak prevents moves that lower your Pokemon’s stats or status conditions that prevent your Pokemon from taking its turn, like sleep.
    • It can be bought from the Delibird Presents store for 20,000 Poke Dollars/League Points.

But Flutter Mane is far from the only good Pokemon for the Black Tera Raid Battle against Charizard.

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