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Capcom Tease Unannounced Resident Evil Game for Series 25th Anniversary

Capcom has invited members of its Ambassador program to test an unknown Resident Evil Game. Which one could it be?

Capcom has big things planned for Resident Evil in 2021. This year is the series 25th anniversary, and the horror franchise is now arguably bigger than ever.

While Resident Evil took some missteps back in 2012, it’s now back on firm footing. The series has returned to form, having toned down explosive action in favor of a more nuanced survival horror approach.

Like earlier entries in the series, Resident Evil 7 was a slow-burning survival horror experience. It managed to be radically different from previous entries, but it still captured the spirit of the original.

Resident Evil continued to double down on the horror with its remake of Resident Evil 2 and the underappreciated remake of Resident Evil 3. While nothing is official yet, rumors are circling that a remake of Resident Evil 4 is also in the pipeline.

But the big news for 2021 is that the next major chapter in the series is coming soon. Resident Evil Village will have a showcase event on the 21st of January 2021, where the game is expected to be on full display.

But there’s something else shambling into view.

What Is Capcom's Unannounced Resident Evil Game?

Capcom is inviting members of its Ambassadors program to test a currently unknown Resident Evil game. It can’t be Resident Evil Village as knowledge of that game is official, so what else could it be?

We’ve had two hints; the first is that the game is to be a celebration of Resident Evil’s 25th anniversary. But the second hint comes from a massive leak that Capcom suffered a few weeks ago.

This leak suggested that alongside Resident Evil Village and the remake of Resident Evil 4, Capcom is working on a third Resident Evil game. This game was originally Resident Evil Revelations 3 but is now going by the title Resident Evil Outrage.

Massive Capcom Leak Exposes Resident Evil 8 Release Window

While this leak may end up being a complete fabrication, we know this leak did uncover plenty of truth about Resident Evil Village. So chances are it’s real, although we’d caution a pinch of salt all the same.

Apparently, Resident Evil Outrage is indeed Resident Evil Revelations 3, but one of these could be a working title. The leak also suggests that the game will be released on the Nintendo Switch, possibly as a timed exclusive, and will feature Rebecca Chambers as the protagonist.

Rebecca is one of the survivors from Resident Evil 0 and the original game. Rebecca has been in other media, but this will be the first time she’s returned as a playable character since the early days of Resident Evil.

This rumor is also backed up by prominent leaker and industry insider DuskGolem, who’s usually right in his tweets. Our money is on this being the game that Capcom is inviting their Ambassadors to test.

However, we may need to wait until the 21st of January to find out more.

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