MW2 players are reporting multiple bugs where they are unable to equip gold camo on their weapons.

Getting a gun to gold camo is a grind, so discovering that you are unable to equip it will certainly be frustrating.

MW2 players across every console are running into various problems when attempting to take their gold camo onto the battlefield!

Fortunately, quick fixes for every known gold camo bug have been discovered!

MW2 Camos System

Why Can’t You Equip or Unlock Gold Camo in MW2?

A glitch is preventing players from unlocking or equipping the gold camo in MW2.

  • On PC, a glitch is stopping players from hovering over their mastery camos.
  • On console, the gold camo is not unlocking even if all the base camo challenges are completed.

Infinity Ward has yet to address the issues players are encountering, but solutions have been found for these issues!

How to Equip Gold Camo on PC MW2

To equip gold camo on PC, you will need to do the following:

  1. Select a base camo you have already unlocked
  2. Use the arrow keys or WASD to scroll over to the gold camo
  3. Press the space bar while hovering over it to equip the gold camo

Alternatively, you can also plug in a controller to select your gold camo.

Where to Equip Gold Camo MW2

How to Fix Gold Camo Not Unlocking in MW2

To unlock the gold camo, you will need to check that you have completed all the base weapon camo challenges.

Once you have completed all four challenges, a fifth challenge unlocks, asking you to “Get 3 kills without dying 10 times” using your weapon of choice!

To view this challenge, hover over the gold camo once you have completed the four base camo challenges!

Fifth Gold Camo Challenge MW2

The new system to unlock camos is pretty different than in the previous Call of Duty games, so players may want to know how to unlock mastery camos in MW2!

There is also a newly discovered fast way to level up your weapon and unlock camos in MW2!

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