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Can You Use Modern Warfare & Cold War Guns in Warzone Caldera Map?

The new Vanguard Warzone map Caldera is taking players to the Pacific, but will it let players use Modern Warfare and Cold War guns too?

Warzone players can’t wait to drop into the new Pacific map, Caldera, but they still have a few questions about it.

Activision recently revealed a load of details, including the release date of the Calders map in Warzone. However, players are still unsure about what kind of weaponry they will be using in the new Pacific map.

Luckily, we have the answer to the question which many players are wondering about. Can you use Modern Warfare and Cold War guns in the new Warzone Pacific Caldera map?

But first, if you can’t wait to try out this new location, find out how to get early access to the Warzone Caldera map.

Warzone Pacific Map Operators

Are Modern Warfare & Cold War Weapons in the Warzone Pacific Caldera Map?

The stunning new images of the Warzone Caldara map show players wielding a variety of new Vanguard guns. However, this has got players wondering whether they can use their favorite Modern Warfare and Cold War weapons in this new location too.

Luckily, the Call of Duty Blog has revealed this all-important info amongst all of the other exciting announcements.

Activision has confirmed that players will be able to use all of the weapons from Modern Warfare, Cold War & Vanguard in the new Caldera Warzone map.

This means you’ll still be able to use all of the best Warzone Season 6 loadouts in the Pacific map.

UPDATE: The Best Meta Weapon to Use in Warzone’s Pacific Caldera Map

Although, it is likely that you will only be able to find Vanguard guns as ground loot. This will be similar to how the floor loot changed to Cold War weapons in Verdansk ’84.

However, there is also something for players who want a totally new Warzone experience.

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Warzone Pacific Map Mountain

New Warzone Game Modes – Vanguard Royale & Vanguard Plunder

There will also be Vanguard Royale and Vanguard Plunder game modes available on the new map. These modes are designed to show off all of the new Vanguard content coming to Warzone.

Therefore, the Vanguard Warzone game modes will only let players use Vanguard weapons in their loadouts and will only have the new vehicles spawn on the map too.

If you want to get ahead of the curve, then you’ll need to know how to unlock these Vanguard guns early in Warzone:

Meanwhile, there are a couple of issues with the Vanguard guns in the Battle Royal game. One major problem with Vanguard guns makes them very inaccurate in Warzone.

Secondly, players are also concerned that Vanguard weapons will have 10 attachments in Warzone. Will this make all of the new Warzone guns overpowered?

(Source: Call of Duty Blog)

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