Players can enjoy a lengthy, action-packed story in Diablo 4. It serves to introduce them to the blood-soaked world of Sanctuary and the characters within it.

However, considering some of Diablo’s best content is typically in its endgame, some players may want to skip over the story when using a new character.

Do You Need to Complete the Story With Each Character in Diablo 4?

No, you do not need to beat the entire story whenever you create a new character in Diablo 4.

Once one of your characters has completely finished the story mode, your subsequent characters can skip it and go directly into exploring the open world and enjoying the endgame content.

This is according to an interview with Joe Shely, Diablo 4’s Game Director, and Rod Fergusson, Diablo 4’s General Manager, at GamerBraves.

In the interview, Fergusson said the following about skipping the story in Diablo 4:

“To be clear, you only need to complete the campaign on one character. You can do the campaign across any number of characters, but you can choose to opt out once the first character has completed it. That’s true for following seasons.

the character creator menu in Diablo 4

Players interested in trying out the multiple classes available on launch or returning to test out classes added post-launch won’t have to go through the entire story again to enjoy dungeon crawling and demon-slaying.

Is There An Adventure Mode in Diablo 4?

No, there is no Adventure Mode in Diablo 4 like there was in Diablo 3. Players won’t be able to access a separate mode that allows them to skip the story.

Instead, it seems that you will be given a choice when starting a new character of whether or not you wish to play through the story or skip straight to the endgame content.

The Adventure Mode was first introduced in Diablo 3 through the Reaper of Souls expansion.

It gave players a new mode that completely removed the story and allowed players to focus on dungeon-crawling and endgame activities.

The Adventure Mode added exclusive zones that were absent from the Story Mode. This also won’t be a feature in Diablo 4.

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