There are multiple characters you can romance in Starfield, and the cheeky player out there may be wondering if they can flirt with several of them at once.

The romanceable characters in Starfield include:

  • Andreja
  • Sarah Morgan
  • Barrett
  • Sam Coe

Players wishing to flirt with all 4 of them at the same time are in luck, but those hoping for a polyamorous relationship amongst the stars will be disappointed.

Can You Romance Multiple Characters in Starfield?

Yes, you can flirt with all of the romanceable characters at once in Starfield so long as you have built up your affinity with them.

However, once you have committed to one of the romanceable characters, you cannot commit to another. You are stuck with them unless you get a divorce, after which you can commit to another character.

The player flirting with Sarah Morgan in Starfield

Of course, it is important to note that certain romanceable characters will not like you flirting with other people.

Doing so will negatively affect your affinity with them, thus reducing the possibility of committing to them in the future.

Additionally, once you’re committed, the ability to flirt with other characters disappears, and you can no longer select the romance option or commitment option with another character.

How to Get Divorced in Starfield

To get divorced in Starfield, follow these instructions:

  • Talk to the person you are committed to.
  • Select the option to discuss your relationship.
    • This differs per character, but will be something like “How are you feeling about our marriage?”
  • Select the option saying you want to end it.
  • Choose any of the options explaining why you’re ending it.
  • Select the [End Commitment] option.
The player divorcing Sarah Morgan in Starfield

If you choose to end the relationship with your current Starfield partner, you will reopen the option of flirting with all romanceable characters and committing to them.

It’s important to note that if you do divorce a character, you cannot re-marry them, although you will be able to romance them after some time.

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